Friday, April 18, 2008

A Swingin' Good Time

I took the kids to the park on a very windy day this week. Very windy. Like 50 mph gusts. The boys didn't seem to mind it too much (I only heard an occasional "Grrrrr wind."), but I didn't like it - I hate the wind! And I had Emmy with me, too, and so I kept her in the stroller for the most part of it. She didn't seem to mind:
She also had a First - First Time in a Swing. She enjoyed it!

On Thursday Ben was off from work and so I took Jonas out on a "date." I told him the night before that we were going on a date and the boy had no clue what that meant. He kept pointing to things on the wall asking if that was the "date." Our date was walking on the nice path close to our home to the coffee shop. I had a free-coupon and so we went and had a HUGE hot-chocolate. Luckily it was a brisk morning. It took forever to cool down the cocoa (thank goodness there was a huge heaping of whipped cream to pacify Jonas while we waited), but it was really good. The two of us together, however, didn't even finish half of it. It was a lot of fun just walkin' and a talkin' with Jonas.


Niederfam said...

What a great idea....we love to visit Great Harvest, and buy ONE BIG cookie to share and have our free BIG bread slices to add too it!!!! All for $1.39 not too shabby??? :) BUT now you've got me craving hot chocolate, I'm going to have to go through Starbucks next chance I get....:)

Megan said...

Emmy is so cute!! I love that you go on dates with your boys. I can't wait to go on dates with Jack.

rebecca said...

Sweet little date. How cute.