Thursday, May 15, 2008

Daddy Dates

So this month was Ben's month to take our boys out on Daddy Dates. Ben decided to do them both today - Miles in the morning and Jonas this afternoon.

Ben took Miles fishing:

After fishing it was off to Starbucks (inside Target) for some hot chocolate. What yummy fun.

Then after nap Ben took Jonas out. They started out at Coldstone for, of course, yummy ice cream:

After that they went and played at the park. First on the playground equipment:
Then they had fun with all the ducks:

What fun times. Lucky ducks.


Brooke said...

Lucky boys! What a fun day and a great idea to take monthly turns. I love it.

erin said...

so fun. can't wait until rhett is old enough for chuck to take him on dates.

KattandJas said...

K.. im in love with the ducks! Those lucky Duckies!!