Monday, May 05, 2008

Fun, fun, fun

til our Daddy takes the T-bird away. Or until we drive back to real life.

So we spent the last 5 days at Grandma Diana's and Grandpa Max's home. It was great. The weather wasn't great until Saturday and Sunday, but oh well. The kids just loved playing at the house and so they didn't even care and probably didn't even know we didn't have "ideal" weather (it snowed a couple of inches on Thursday).

But we had fun playing at their house, shopping at 1/2 a dozen stores for a soccer ball for Ben (no, he never found "the one"), walking on the canal with the boys, running on the canal (for me and Ben), eating yummy dinners that I didn't make (thanks, again, Diana!), going to the Temple for Ben and me, going out on a date (bowling and then appetizer at Olive Garden), hanging out with friends, going to the Zoo, and just being with our family. Sounds pretty good, huh?

Too bad we didn't get many pictures, though. But here are a few:
Emmy had fun wearing this hat - which was worn by Aunt Laura and Aunt Debbie way back when. :) Actually, she had more fun playing with it and trying to get it off.

The Zoo. Just about every shot looked like this - the back of the kiddos. But here are the boys - Soren, Miles, and Jonas. Looking at the giraffes.

Jonas was a nut. He wanted to get so close to all the "loose" animals - ducks, chicks, rabbits, peacocks. Ya know, the animals they have at every zoo that just kind of walk around and scare people who are scared of birds (you know, like me). Jonas was running after the bunny shouting, "Come here, bunny! Bunny! Come here!"Our monkeys checking out the zoo's monkey. And, yes, we forgot a belt for Jonas.


Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

Sounds and looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I was drooling when you said Olive Garden!! Love that place. I loved the picture of the boys at the zoo and of course your little sweetheart with her cute hat on!

Niederfam said...

It sounds like a LOVELY vacation, glad you had fun!!!! Ummm....Olive Garden....I'm such a sucker for "chain" food sometimes!!!!!

Nicole said...

How fun! Loved the hat pics and the last one...I hate it when I forget a belt!!