Wednesday, May 07, 2008


Congratulations to my husband - he is now a CORN. Well, okay, professionally-speaking he is called a CNOR: Certifired Nurse of the Operating Room.

But I like Corn much better.


Brooke said...

Congrats to Ben! That's awesome.

PS: Bytheway Em, I love your family picture in your sidebar!!

rebecca said...

Congrats! And that is the cutest corn I have ever seen! Did you make that?

emily said...

no, rebecca - i wish i could knit, though.

megan said...

Congratulations to Ben. Is this the end of the road or is there a next step? (I don't know what all the certifications are for OR nurses.)

Niederfam said...

YEAH!!!! Way to go Ben!!! I'd go with "corn" too!!! ;)