Monday, May 12, 2008

Mama's Day

So I had to say "mama" because when I was talking (lecturing) this morning to Miles how he should not talk like that (yelling "NOOOOO!!!!!") to his "mother," Jonas chimed in and said, "No you are not mother. You are mama." He's so cute (Jonas, that is).

But I had a lovely mama's day. Complete with baked pancakes and fresh fruit for breakfast, 3 different types of chocolates from my 3 kiddos, great help at church with Emmy, a post-church nap, and a back-rub. Lovely indeed. Ahhh, yes, I can't forget the delightful presents I got from the boys. They had a primary activity on Saturday and made these flower pot/recipe holders that they gave to me after relief society. Ain't they sweet?


Niederfam said...

PRICELESS, and at least you get "mama" I'm "babe" half the time, which i guess isn't so bad, but some time of formality is NICE......sounds like a great day!!!

KattandJas said...

I think everyday should be mothers day..

Nicole said...

cute! what a great day.

d&a said...

great pics! zig is just starting to say ma ma ma ma and i love it. your post church nap sounds delightful. and you can't beat those homemade flower pots. what a great day.