Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Memorial Weekend

So for some reason when we go and visit our folks the weather is less-than-stellar. Oh well. We had snow on our last trip to Denver, and rain and hail on this past trip to Utah. Whatever. We still had a grand time and really the kids could care less - they love being inside the grandparents' houses; it is so exciting to them!

So here is the run-down of our trip:

That morning we went over to the resort-place where my dad works - sometimes. They have a carousel there and so that was fun. I wasn't sure how much the boys enjoyed it - but both of them did say they wanted to go again and so I think it was fun for them. I felt sick on it. :)

That afternoon we went to this really nice Rec Center with a pool - it has a "kiddie" area that is from 0-3 feet deep. There is a playground thingy in the middle and a big waterslide, too. Emmy loved it - I loved looking at her in her cute swimsuit (thanks rebecca!). Jonas wasn't so sure about it and waited about 10 minutes before deciding to come in the pool. Miles loved it. Loved it. It was a really fun time!


Sunday was church of course. This is one of my favorite dresses - I found it at the Hand-Me-Down store in town. Love it - love it more with Emmy in it.

The rest of the afternoon was spent with Miles making a mess of his yogurt lunch,

Jonas enjoying one of his favorite activities while there - playing on the stairs,
and Emmy getting a playdate just for her. Our friends, one of Ben's best friend and his wife and sweet little baby gal, came over late that afternoon and visited and ate with us. What a treat for us all.


We had Baked Pancakes for breakfast - so yummy. Jonas loved it - or at least loved the powdered sugar.

The rest of the day was very rainy and even hail-y. So we drove to Cabella's and the kids loved looking at the giant aquarium tanks and all the "stuffed" animals they have. Plus the shooting-range was entertaining. It's actually a fun store. More like a museum for our family - a free one at that. Perfect.

Then we went to Ikea! I haven't been since it's opened in Utah. I Love that store. But I was depressed upon leaving as I couldn't really buy anything that I really wanted. Which is really sad because that store is a relatively cheap store. Oh well, maybe next time?


Our last day. And, of course, it was beautiful. Sunny and warm. Ben and I were able to get out and play some tennis in the morning while Emmy napped and my dad watched the boys. Ben beat me 6-5. Pretty good for a girl, huh? Pretty bad for a boy, huh? Haha, kidding.

Then we took the kids to the park before we journeyed back home. And what kid doesn't have fun at the park?

Emmy does!

Jonas does. Even if he was referred to as a girl while there.

And Miles does. The last 2 pictures are of the "ice-cream stand" that Miles invented. He had 2 piles - one pile of pennies and one pile of ice-cream. The customer would come up and Miles would give him a penny (right, he is suppose to collect money - not a very good business technique) and then give him an ice-cream. Yum. I got chocolate. Lucky me.

Our trips always end this way: as we drive back in the car and I have to listen to either Jonas whining or Emmy crying, I always think, "Was it worth it?" Then I look at my pictures and am reminded that, yes, indeed, it was very, very worth it. Definitely.


KattandJas said...

SO fun for you guys! Getting away for the weekend.. My one week has turned out to be much longer. Ill be home on the 13th! cant wait!

erin said...

wthe pictures turned out great. i can't wait to see those cute kids in about two months!

Nicole said...

So fun. I know I hate it when we go to the inlaws and the weather is horrible. Super cute pics of your kids. Love emmy's dress and the suit!