Saturday, May 10, 2008

Swinging and Motherhood

Swinging is a lot like motherhood: full of a lot of ups and downs. Ups and downs. Ups and downs. And just like swinging, in motherhood you can have an Up one second and then a complete crash Down the next second. Only to bounce back Up again.

Why do we women put ourselves through this day after day after day? Here are the three reasons why I do:

p.s. Happy Mothers' Day to My Mom and My Mother-in-Law. As Ben always tells his mother: even though we are "old" we still need our mothers. We love you both and hope you know that you are very special and needed in our lives.


KattandJas said...

I'm loving the Analogy! Moms are like Swings.. you can go up and down.. Sometimes even get smacked in the head doing an underdog.. In my case.. she wont even let me get her off the swing. but we still love pushing our little ones to the stars.. Happy mothers day EM! Your kids are lucky!

Niederfam said...

it's true, ANd i couldn't agree more, the older we get the MORE we need our moms, or at least know how much we really should appreciate them!!!!

Hans and Michelle said...

You are so right. It is like swings. Love Elder Ballard's talk on mothers. I've read it twice and listened to it twice already. Maybe one of these times it will stick! It's definately in the moments. Like when fruit string gets stuck in your kid's hair. It's from Sam's club. It is a "healthy" version of fruit snacks. Mostly fruit. They're pretty good.

Nicole said...

well said!