Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Grassy Rose

We took Grassy Rose out sailing yesterday. Correction, Ben took Grassy Rose out for a sail. Ben had a wonderful time and said the winds were the best he's had there.
When Ben saw the picture, he said, "Wow, look how fast I was going." I guess he could tell because of that Huge Wake his boat was making in the water. He's pretty good out there on that sailboat.

While Ben was out in the water we were playing on the shore. The little boys had a fantastic time. Throwing rocks, of course. Why do boys (including Big,Big Boys) love to do this so much?

Splashing in the water. How fun.

And sitting in the water.

Emmy didn't have the best of times there, but did enjoy playing with the rocks a little bit.

Big girls may not cry. But little ones do.


erin said...

that looks like so much fun! i wish we had a grassy rose. but we'd have to call it mr. mullet.

D&A said...

i love that the name of your boat is grassy rose, i had no idea! how good of emmy to keep a hat on. zig rips hers off and sucks on the straps.

Brooke said...

OOoh, that looks like lots of fun! I know, isn't it funny how BOYS of all ages and shapes and sizes love throwing rocks?? My dad loves it the most out of everyone, it's hilarious. :) They never truly grow up!!!! Ha ha.

Kristen said...

How fun. I LOVE grassy rose. I forgot about her from other posts. Way to go Ben. Have you ever been on grassy rose. If not, I'm very disappointed. :)

Niederfam said...

it's okay, BIG girls do cry sometimes too, i'm proof of that!!! :)