Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers' Day

Such a handsome father with his beautiful (and, yes, somewhat goofy) children. I made the boys ties and put phrases on them:

Miles' tie reads, "My Dad is my Hero." And it is true - that's why I put it there. Miles really looks up to his dad. He loves his dad and wants to be like him (except he did tell Ben the other day that he is not going to put his children in time out. "Oh really, what will you do when your kids are naughty?" "They won't be naughty." Uh-huh.). He wants to be worker because that's what he sees his dad doing. He loves working out in the yard with his dad and is always asking if dad will be staying home tomorrow, i.e., if he doesn't have to go to work. In fact when I was telling him last week that the next day would be Cupcake Day, he asked, "Does dad have to go to work on Cupcake Day?" When I showed Miles his tie and told him what it said, I asked him, "So is dad your hero?" He said, "Yep." Thought so.

Jonas' tie reads, "I love my Dad." And he does. He has this sweet, innocent, and simple love for his father. He loves his dad because his dad twirls him around and around in the backyard, because he pushes him high on the swings, because he wrestles with him, because he tickles his back, and because he gives him bites of his breakfast every morning.

I didn't make a tie for Emmy. Haha. But if I did it would have said something like, "I adore my Dad, and am adored by him." I can't tell you how many times Ben says to Emmy, "You are so beautiful." This past Friday when Ben came home from work, he walked in the back door and Emmy started doing her Mowgli-run to greet him. It was just about the cutest thing. Emmy also loves her daddy because he is the one that introduced her to the game "chase." She now loves being chased. And even chasing after our "Dog-ghee."

So why do I think Ben is a Great and Wonderful father? I just mentioned it all: he is Miles' hero, loved by Jonas, and adored by Emmy. That's enough for me.

(p.s. Another Happy Fathers' Day goes out to my own dad and Ben's dad. They are wonderful men and great examples to us - and especially to Ben. They support us no matter what - even when we were thinking of moving to Maine. :) We love you both!)


erin said...

yep, ben is a great dad. i've seen him in action. and it's fun to see (read?) how much the boys and emmy love him too.

it also makes me laugh about emmy because i think you guys were maybe just a touch bummed she was going to be a girl instead of a boy? but of course, you're so glad she is who she is!

N Pendleton said...

So cute! Love the ties, what a cute idea!

Oh and I love the comment from Miles (? I think it was MIles!)about not putting his kids in time out...I'm glad you have that written down here for him to read one day!! :)

Meg said...

Your kids are so cute. Great pictures!

Sara said...

Love those ties! Ben is a lucky guy to have such adoring kids!

Niederfam said...

I LOVE it. So cute. A good daddy is more valuable than GOLD......:)