Saturday, June 07, 2008

No Girls Allowed

Miles was so excited to find out that the boys were going on a camp-out without any girls. So excited. I felt loved.

It was the Father-Sons Camp-out with the church this Friday-Saturday. Here is what happened via a photo-log:
First things first - making sure the truck had enough juices here and there to get to the campsite.

Once there (not far from home really) they set up the tent. We love our tent!

The rest of the evening was spent making "funny faces," playing in the dirt and with the sticks, eating dinner, etc. They were able to find some "wildlife" and even got a chance to hold the wildlife:

A grasshopper.

Then came bedtime and then came wake-up time - too early for everyone, probably!

Here's Miles upone getting up. He "sucks" on his arm - but he really doesn't suck on it - just near it (he does it when tired). ? He's done it since he was 6 months old. And guess what!? Emmy does it too! And I hear the my sweet little nephew Everett does it too! Love it.Jonas looks pretty chipper. Even though he woke up after 4 times during the nite (luckily for short amounts of time).

The boys went on a little hike in the morning and had fun finding "pretty" flowers.

I was jealous I couldn't go with them. It looked like a lot of fun. More fun than picking up the house, vacuuming the house, wiping down all counter-tops, mopping the floor, cleaning our room, balancing the check-book, folding the laundry, watering the garden, watering the lawn, and cleaning/vacuuming our car. But don't worry, Emmy and I did have some fun too and were able to squeeze in a little of shopping (for Father's day), buying dinner (rather than making it - how fun!), jogging, and even going to the Farmer's Market and getting free Great Harvest bread.

So I think Da Boys and Da Girls had a good weekend. But it's good to be all together again.


KattandJas said...

Aww! how fun! We should have a no-daddy and kids camp out! just us girls! that would be fun!

Niederfam said...

JEALOUS....we have a "family" ward camp out this weekend and Mitt couldn't be more excited, in fact he'a already practicing by sleeping in his sleeping bag----anyway, should be FUN. Glad you were all able to enjoy yourselves. :)

Sara said...

I LOVE Those pictures of your boys! They look so spunky! Probably not a dull moment in your house. I go on "vacation" whenever the boys are gone; nothing gets done but relaxing. Email me about my new job it is AWESOME!