Monday, June 09, 2008

Quote of the Week

Emmy: "DogGhee."

As in doggy. She says it just about all the time. As soon as she sees our dog Wilson she very excitedly says, "DogGhee." She also calls many other things by that name, too. Such as her stuffed animals, her baby dolls, and pretty much everything else.

She speaks it so cute, too. It is more like 2 words and is said very sweet and in a high voice. I'm still waiting for her to say, "Mama." But whatever. I know she loves me more than Wilson.

(p.s. the video isn't the best. pretty much whenever i am around emmy, she has to be right where i am. right where i am - like on me. it's cute. sometimes.)


N Pendleton said...

I love it! That is so cute!

Molly also was engrossed with that video...she was sitting on my lap and starting to get excited when she heard Emmy talking :)

Hans and Michelle said...

So cute. She seems so much older then my Mia. Where do you find her cute headbands?

erin said...

so cute. i really really do want rhett to start talking.

emily said...

michelle - that's funny. i always think that people's other kids - the ones my own kid's age - always semm much older than my children.

her headbands. i can't find the gal i ordered some through, but go to ebay and search "nylon headbands" and you'll come up with the same stuff.