Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Reunion

There are a lot of pictures to post so here I go:
Thursday -
This was our first day at the reunion. This morning (and every morning hereafter) we held a breakfast and devotional at the church. We then went to the park for a kid-train-ride and then off to Pirate's Cove, a perfect waterpark for little and big kids.

The kids all had fun - yes even sour-faced Miles.

Friday -
July 4th! On this day we met at a park for the "Olympics." We also had a picnic dinner there at the park. We didn't keep the kids up to watch fireworks. The only time Miles has been to fireworks was when he was 4 months old and he stayed asleep in our car the whole time. We did do smoke-bombs both before and after the 4th so the kids got to enjoy those.

Patriotic Emmy.
Patriotic Jonas.

Patriotic Miles and his cousins getting ready for the Parade of Kids.

Here the two boys are at the Olympics. This event was "candy spitting." My boys did pathetic. Which I guess is a good thing? :)

Of course medals were handed out to the super-stars.
And here is Emmy clapping for who-knows-what. Every time people clapped, Emmy joined in - tho she had not a clue why. I thought it was so-darn-cute.

Saturday -
We hung out with our "close" family that day - as in not extended cousins and such. We went to a great park and just hung out there. That night was a special dinner with a nice program and dance. It will be (great) Grandma M's b-day in December - the big 90.Here we are floating things down the "river."
Here is Great-Grandma M. She doesn't look a a day past 75, right?
4 generations here - Grandma Diana, Great-Grandma D, Ben, and Emmy. Aren't they ALL so cute?
Here's Miles dancing with his sweet cousin Melanie. Miles loved his cousins and they were all so good to him! I think Miles was the only one of our family that made it on the dance floor. :)

Misc pics -

We stayed at our friend's house and really had it quite nice there. They gave us their whole basement - complete with 2 rooms, a bathroom, and a playroom; plus the backyard had a tramp and sandbox that the boys loved. It was wonderful for us all. Emmy, too, loved it all - especially climbing up the slide all by herself. You can see how proud and happy she was!

A perfect picture of our very own Mowgli.

2 brothers - Joe and Ben. Aren't they happy, handsome guys?

Miles with his 2 adorable cousins - Katie and Emily. I don't know how Miles got so lucky! Like I mentioned, Miles loved all of his cousins and they were all so good with him.

So there it is. It was a wonderful time spent with a wonderful family.


erin said...

you need to give ben that camera once in a while so there can be shots of you too!

that first shot of jonas at the water park...i almost didn't recognize him!

fun time.

N Pendleton said...

looks like a lot of fun!!

emily said...

ha - well i am in ONE picture, erin!

D&A said...

i love that pic of patriotic jonas, for some reason he looks so grown up to me. what a great family event to be a part of. i agree with erin, you need to be in more but then again i could say the same about myself. keep up the good work.

Meg said...

Your kids are so cute. I can't believe how big Emmy is getting.

Melissa said...

Em, what fun! I can't think of the Fourth of July without thinking of me and the sibs and you and Erin at your grandma's house and at Murray Park. "Gerber baby food's the best..." Soon your kids will be making up their own commercials!

Niederfam said...

what a party, and um.....were you at cherry hill's pirates cove????