Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Miles and his Grandpas

Miles loves, loves, loves his grandparents. His middle name is after his 2 grandfathers' first names: both of them are James - how perfect is that? And it just so happens that he talks about how he wants to be a pilot (oh help me . . .) like his Grandpa G.

. . And the other day he was really, really into taking photos - a photographer, just like his Grandpa Max. Here are a few (he took about 80) of his, ummmm, art:


Inside our fridge.


Wilson's barf spot (one of several on our carpet).

Headless Emmy. When looking back through his pictures, Miles just busted out laughing when I said, "Hey, it's headless Emmy."

Miles' "new" winter boots.


Brooke said...

I love discovering the pictures my kids take! It's so hilarious. We have several of the feet/leg shots from above. :) Even some with only underwear on. Yikes.

erin said...

awesome. i should post the one miles took of me. :)

that one of jonas is pretty good though! i bet grandpa max would be proud.

i {heart} hawkes said...

i too like the jonas pic. at least he wants to be something practical when he grows up. a friend of my once babysat a girl that wanted to grow up to be a dalmation...hmmm. pilot it is!

Niederfam said...

Maybe he'll take pictures FROM the sky, huh??? I wouldn't put it past him, did I tell you we live right next to an airport, you HAVE to bring your boys, they'd LOVE it!!!!