Sunday, August 31, 2008

Quote of the Week

"Yes I will tell my wife I pooped on the sidewalk."



So we were just sitting outside enjoying our snack. And we started having a conversation about . . . poop. Jonas has been fond of saying it lately and we have been fond of telling him to stop. And, yesterday or the day before, somehow and someway Jonas' poop ended up on the sidewalk out back. I don't know what happened - did he poop on the sidewalk, did he dump out his poop from his diaper there? I don't know. Luckily I was busy in the kitchen with Emmy and Ben was the one who discovered this mess. Ahhhh, I love those tender mercies of the Lord.

So, anyways, today Miles was asking me if, when I was a kid, I pooped on the sidewalk. I said no (correct me if I'm wrong, Mom). He then asked if Ben did - I again said no (correct me if I'm wrong, Diana). Then Miles started saying, "When Jonas is a daddy his kids will ask him if he pooped on the sidewalk." I chuckled and said, "Well, what will Jonas have to say?" Miles laughed a "yes."

Then Miles started talking to Jonas:

"Jonas when you are big (Jonas - "I am big"), no when you are a daddy, will you tell your mommy, not our mommy, that you pooped on the sidewalk?" Me - "tell your wife." Miles - "Oh, when you are a daddy, Jonas, will you tell your wife you pooped on the sidewalk?"

And, as I have already stated, Jonas' reply,

"Yes I will tell my wife I pooped on the sidwalk."

One day I am going to miss these conversations. And one day Jonas is going to wish I hadn't recorded such conversations. . .


i {heart} hawkes said...

seriously hilarious! i can't wait to have poop converstaions with my babes someday. priceless.

erin said...

this is why i had a kid! too funny.

rebecca said...


itsmeemily said...

Ha ha ha!! Oh my, that is definitely one for the books!! I am happy you write them down. Great stuff.

Niederfam said...

i'm still laughing about that one, and i think you should hold him to it!!!! love the tender mercy of you being spared clean up on that one!!!!!

Melissa said...

If he doesn't, you SO have to!