Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Round-Up

So we just got back from Utah and really had a great time - of course. We were not only able to hang out with my folks, but also my sister and brother-in-law as well as the cutest new member of the family, baby Everett.

Here are pictures highlighting the trip:

Swimming was a lot of fun. Although no-fat-on-his-bones Jonas tends to get cold no matter how warm the water is.

The boys loved eating and playing out on the back deck.

What darling boys - dare I say pretty boys? We all enjoyed and love little Rhett - he is such a good baby with great parents.

Miniature golfing. The kids were pretty much doing their thing the entire time, but I had fun golfing with my folks.

Me (with Emmy of course), Natalie (cousin), Erin (with Rhett), and Chuck after our race. We ran the 8K 1/2 trail 1/2 road race up in SLC. Due to some confusion as to where the race actually started, we ended up having to run - all uphill, mind you - 1 1/2 miles to the start off the race. We were late, but still ran it and even beat some people. I loved the race - the trail was so fun and the canyon so beautiful. We ended up doing 8 miles, not 8 kilometers. Ha. I'm still sore from the steep climbs and fast downhill.

We went out to dinner and Jonas got butter all over him.

Jonas had a fever on Sunday, but it was short-lived and by Monday it was gone.

Other adventures included a long walk with Grandpa around the marshy area, going to Cabellas (how could we not when Miles specifically prayed that we would go there?), attempting to go on the Alpine Slide in Park City (we stood in line, took the 20-minute ski-lift to the top, when we got there we were told we were on a hold due to rain, then it started lightning and so we couldn't do the slide, so then Ben and I put the kids on our shoulders and hiked down the wet and muddy mountain - ha!), Ben golfing with my dad and Chuck, watching Olympics, eating yummy food made mostly by people other than myself, etc.

We haven't even been back 12 hours and we're already missing it all.


rebecca said...

Cute boys everywhere! Matthew and Jonas have something in common. No fat and cold in warm water.

How fun that you got to race with your sister! And Erin is looking very sporty with her running skirt - it's the latest rage you know. :)

erin said...

awww...we already miss you! it's so quiet now. ha.

Niederfam said...

BUSY BUSY fun!!! Thanks for letting me join in for a bit of it!!!

Nicole said...

Yeah, sounds like fun! How funny that Cabellas was prayed for...I thought only my husband would do something like that! Although I'm sure they loved all the animals and the fish! It is quite the fun store I guess...