Wednesday, August 27, 2008

What a Day

I guess this is becoming a tradition in our family: decorate the birthday kid's door with crepe paper. Nothing fancy as you can tell. Well Emmy just stood in her room for 5 minutes not wanting to come out and walk through the paper. It was funny. No amount of coercion worked, so I finally asked Miles to go and carry her out. She wasn't too happy about that. :)
Emmy's birthday adventures next landed us where Emmy first entered the world one year ago - the hospital. I frantically called Ben early this morning to come back home and watch the boys while I took Emmy in - luckily he was able to that. Emmy has croup - she sounded so awful with her "stridor" wheezing with every breath and looked awful to me with her sternal retractions and obvious labored breathing. Anyways, long story short: went to ER, received some nebs and a shot of decadron, stayed a couple hours, then came home. I think she felt okay the rest of the day - not her silly chipper self, but not cranky either. (notice her lovely birthday bracelet in the picture.)

A cute birthday chair from Grandma Dixie and a funny-looking "thing" made by me. She liked them both.

It is not a cliche for nothing: truly, boxes entertain and amuse just as much as "real" toys.

Here she is getting the "hang of it" in terms of opening her present. (yes, that is yellow duct-tape used to wrap her presents. my mother-in-law will be so proud)

The pictures say it all. (sigh)

Pretty much her favorite toy, though, turned out to be the baby's "milk" bottle. I think she really wanted milk to come out. She sucked and walked around with that bottle forever. (why couldn't she learn to suck on a bottle at 2 months of age???)

A pretty cake (?) for a pretty gal.
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you. . .

Emmy was a little hesitant at first and unsure what to do. But she quickly got the hang of it and stuffed her mouth pretty fast - too fast, I think, as she was unable to eat much more after her first "stuffs."

Doesn't she just say "Yummy" all over her - literally, too. We love you Emmy dear, Happy, Happy Birthday!


La Ron said...

Happy Birthday Emmy! She is so cute. What a big girl. Good job on her birthday cake it is adorable.

Brooke said...

CUTE!! Happy Birthday to Emmy! I'm sorry she was sick, dang that croup!! My kids get it off and on and the sound is horrible. :( I'm glad she still got to enjoy her special day! :) You're such a great mom.

erin said...

what the heck is croup? hmm...i know nothing.

would i be a bad mother if i never give my child real gifts? leave that to the grandmas? boxes all around! or measuring spoons, rhett seems to love those lately.

and i love that you got her naked to eat cake. you must have done this before.

megan said...

That's a bummer about having to go to the hospital, but it still looks like a fun day. I'm impressed that she reacts at all to any type of present being openend. My kids still don't really get excited about that. Maybe I'm just giving them the wrong gifts.

i {heart} hawkes said...

the picture of emmy with the baby doll is priceless for sure! i really like your idea of decorating on their day, i think i will need to create my own birthday fairy for my kids too.

Niederfam said...

Oh cute!!! Darling cake, by the way, and so sorry to hear about a trip to the ER, seriously, when does it end???? Glad it turned out well, despite a ROUGH start!!! WOW, one already?????

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

HAPPY BRITHDAY EMMY!!! I love all the pictures and her getting the doll was ADORABLE!!! I can't believe you had to go to the ER! I hope she is doing better and recovering well. You are an amazing mom and my birthday is in February!!!

Kristen said...

It's already her one year old birthday? That went by so fast. She is so dang cute. I love the reaction to her baby doll. Awwww.........