Wednesday, August 27, 2008

You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby. . .

Wow Emmy. One year ago you entered our lives. You came on what your parents deemed would be the "perfect day." Not even born yet and you were already trying to do all you could to please us. I hope that continues - especially during your adolescent years.

I could just say that we had no idea how much we would love and adore you and leave it at that. But I won't. Your dad and I knew we'd love you - we just didn't realize we'd be so completely smitten by you. We don't really know why we are smitten by you so much, frankly. I mean, you are just as cute as your brothers, you basically did all the baby things that they did, but there is just something. . . different with you. Is it all that pink? I don't know. Is is the possibility that you might be our last (especially if your dad has his way)? Perhaps. Now, now, don't go off and think that we love you any more than your 2 bros - because that just ain't true. As you'll hear many, many, many times from the many, many, many questions you'll ask, "We love you all the same." And you know what, it's absolutely true. But, Emmy my dear, you can claim that your parents were and are completely smitten by you and all your crazy, silly first-year antics.

I love, love that you look so much like Jonas did as a baby. When we look at the screen saver pictures on our computer whenever Jonas sees "baby Jonas," he always says, "Emmy." That's one reason I have to dress you in pretty clothes -so I can tell who's who in the pictures someday. You look so much like Jonas and I am excited to see if you'll have beautiful straight hair like him . . .

Or curly hair like Miles. I love, love how suck on your arm just like Miles did as a baby, and continues to do this day. And you both don't even really suck on your arm, you just bring your arm to your mouth and do this little sucking motion. Miles did (and does) it all throughout the day - whenever he was tired, etc. You don't do it until I put you on your changing table and then put your arms through your bunting - then you start sucking. You don't start the sucking until your arms are through a bunting. A bunting I said. Because just any normal sleeper just doesn't do it - it has to be one of the few buntings we have for you. So before every nap and at bedtime, you suck on your arm. Love it.

As I have already mentioned your dad and I adore you. Well we are definitely not all who does (do?)- grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins all think you are adorable. But your brothers, your dear, dear brothers, adore you. They do. And I hope they do forever. It is amazing to see how much they love you and dote on you. They love you. They want to share their food with you. They want to tell you about things, anythings. They want you to see them being silly. They want you to be happy. They think you are cute and tell you so, often.

Alas, though, your brothers are not perfect. Miles likes to pick you up and carry you around. He especially likes to pick you up when you are coming close to his toys and he doesn't want you near them. Jonas has found a fondness for . . . uh, doing naughty things to you. Pushing you over and taking your toys comes to mind. I'd be more worried, however, if your brothers didn't do things like this to you. (My brothers had my sister and me boxing each other - with real boxing gloves on!) At times you will detest your brothers, but I know there will always be a special love that will exist among you three.

You are a girl. You like girl things - like dolls. (Gasp.) The first "doll experience" you had was at Grandma Diana's and you were just thrilled and delighted when you saw that doll - you giggled, squealed, talked, etc. It was crazy - but natural, I suppose.

But, thank goodness, you also love getting dirty in the sandbox and even wrestling with your brothers. I've got the best of both worlds with you, Emmy Girl.

You started out as a pretty mellowed and calm baby. Pretty relaxed and chilled. You were our first child that would actually fall asleep for any reasonable amount of time at church. But that has passed. You are not so mellow as you once were, nor do you fall asleep at church anymore. You demand more pleasings and more attention now. But that's okay - well, okay, sometimes it's okay. Your personality is shining more and more through and you are not passive about things. I think that's a good thing. I hope it will be a good thing.

You love to cuddle. My first baby that will cuddle beyond the age of 3 months. WAHOO. I never thought I'd have a "cuddler." So Thank You. You are funny about it, too. You love coming up to me and your dad, backing up and scooting into us, then you sit down. It's adorable. You do it A LOT to me and your dad, but you also do it to inanimate objects - like chairs, teddy bears, books, paper towel rolls, etc. So cute, Emmy.

I've already said a ton, but haven't even scratched the surface. I am sure I am missing about 10 million other things that I love and adore about you. Of course there are the fun big things we loved about you this past year - learning how to crawl, eating food, walking, etc. But it's the little things, the unique, little things that we especially love about you. Like your cute birthmark; the funny faces you make; how you love to just wear a diaper - or nothing at all; how you love walking down a step, then back up, down the step, back up. . .; how you just jump in when your brothers are playing and even wrestling - you truly think you are just "one of the boys;" the very distinct "talking" you do when you want a treat that everybody else is eating; putting headbands on you; buying adorable dresses for you; having sweet dresses made for you; all the pink you've brought into our house; how you like to climb up under my skirts; and when you say "Doghee."

Happy Birthday Emmy. I love you so much.
Love, your mama.