Tuesday, September 02, 2008

End of Summer

I guess Labor Day is typically what people regard as the "end of summer." And the end of summer couldn't have been more abrupt for our family.

We decided earlier on in the week that we wanted to spend Labor Day up in the mountains, hiking and playing around. So we headed up to the Forest and . . . froze. Man was it cold! Okay, so maybe it was only 50 degrees (plus gusty winds and overcast skies), but when it was 90+ degrees 2 days before, a 40 degree drop is quite extreme. Now we were expecting some rain and came prepared with fleece jackets and rain jackets; but, truly, we were not expecting it to be so cold (I even checked accuweather.com before we left and was told the high was 76). It would have been a more enjoyable experience if we were all prepared - poor kids who have to suffer with their silly parents. But it was still really enjoyable, totally beautiful, a good change, and, especially, it was memorable.

Enjoy our pics in your nice warm homes:

Here is Miles waiting for help in fording the great and mighty river.

Me and Emmy all bundled together.

Here we are hiking on the path. I was affectionately (?) given the title of Woolly Mammoth.

It doesn't look too cold, but really it was. Here are the boys waiting for lunch. (Ben wants to make sure I explain the pink jacket. What do I say? He just really wanted to wear it. Ha. Seriously, I made him wear it as I wanted his jacket as it offered more warmth. What a good-sport husband I have. And one who also looks HOT in pink.)

I think this was pretty much Miles' highlight of the hiking experience: eating Ramen noodles.

Miles was adamant before we left that he wore these shoes. Whatever, he said they felt good. But can you see how much his toes were hanging over his soles?

After a couple hours we came back to the car, drove to another lake (right off the road) and tried some fishing. Jonas was the Super-Star kid of the trip - he never complained once the entire time. What a pleasant and shocking twist that was. The first picture is classic Jonas - hat over eyes, and just about over his entire face. Obviously the hat is a little big, but he always pulls it down when we push it up. Funny, cute kid.

Emmy also did really well. I think the only time she complained was when she wanted to be down and moving. This is what she did when I asked her to show Dad the rocks. She even looks chubby in this picture - despite the fact that she is in the 0.47 percentile for weight (don't miss the zero in front of the 47). Ha.

And Miles had some lows and highs. He definitely complained the most. But also would exclaim things like, "This is so fun!" Kids are so extreme. But he'd had enough of the cold and so while we were fishing he just hung out in the car. Can you spot him?

It really was a fun day. But also quite the rude awakening of the end of summer.

But don't get me wrong, I couldn't be more excited for summer to be over and for fall to come.


megan said...

Amen! Bring on the Fall. And the Woolly Mammoth picture made me laugh.

erinmalia said...

yep...i'm with megan. hooray for fall! and i'm glad you explained the pink coat because i was wondering.

rebecca said...

Ben certainly does look hot in pink. :) Looks like a really cold but memorable family outing. You're doing such a great job documenting all the cute little quirks of your kids and the fun things you do as a family.

Mindy said...

Looks like a fun trip, despite the cold. I know that is easy for me to say sitting here in my nice warm house. Your kids are so cute!

Niederfam said...

i know bring it on, is right!!! looks fun, although i'm with you a bit chilly. gotta love a man in PINK!!!

i {heart} hawkes said...

what a stud ben is in that coat. i don't think i could EVER post a pic of doug in anything that remotely resembles pink. however he highly approves the fishing pics and jonas's cabela's hat. looks like a good time. your kids are troopers.

Brooke said...

I love fall too. Fun trip! I had to laugh about the pink jacket, that's too funny!!!