Friday, September 26, 2008

Miles talks and talks and talks

The boy doesn't stop. Seriously. He loves to talk to anybody and everybody and tries to accomplish that on a daily basis.

He also loves to give talks at church (he often laments to me after I ask him how church/primary was - "I didn't get to talk at all in the microphone."). But a couple weeks ago Miles got to give the Primary talk. I was so excited when I heard what the topic was: "Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers." We had talked about a story of Ben as a young boy (before I knew about this talk) that fit perfectly with this topic.

Miles was also the spotlight boy that day and so got to "show'n'tell" all the stuff he'd picked out at home to describe him (track excavator, airplane, noodle, marshmallow, art project - "i'm a good artist" - cabellas' hat, and a book). Later he got to give his talk.

Ben prompted him with the beginning stuff: "My talk is on. . . " Then Ben told Miles to tell his 2 stories. He first told of the time he had a kanker sore and prayed it would go away and then the next morning it was gone! "And that's the end of my story." Then he told the story of Ben hiking with his fam - when Ben was 4 - and a huge hailstorm, with hail "as big as. . . golf balls," came and pelted everybody. Ben then asked his dad to pray, they did, and the storm ceased. Miles told it very well. Then Ben prompted him with the ending stuff. I loved it. I loved him. And, yes, I was very proud of my little-big Boy.


erinmalia said...

this is when you want it to be okay to have video cameras in church. i'm sorry i missed it.

Brooke said...

Ha, that is so true! (the video camera thing).

How cute is this. It's these little stories and moments that will be so fun to look back on when they are older. I love it!

rebecca said...

OH, so cute! I LOVE when my kids give talks. What a big boy, speaking on his own instead of repeating.

megan said...

The first talk- a great moment. Benjamin just gave his first talk last Sunday, too, and on the same topic.

itsmeemily said...

So adorable! Im glad he did such a great job!

Mitt talks a lot too- maybe it is is a Grandpa Galbraith trait?

Niederfam said...

I'm sure it was quite the crowd pleaser, what a cutie!!! Mitt also LOVES to talk, especially into the microphone!!