Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Mr. Piggy

oh my gosh, ben might hate me for posting this picture. but i have to do it. for keepsake's sake. for blackmail. for something. it just makes me BUST up laughing every time i see it. i'm laughing even now and i am not looking at it yet - nor have looked at the photo for a month or two. it's just that funny to me.

i don't know why i think it is so funny. ben thinks it is a little disturbing?

who is it you ask? jonas with his face - ummm mostly his nose - pressed up against the tent.

i can only post this picture because my jonas boy is a very beautiful, ahem handsome, boy.



Nicole said...

ha ha! i love this pic! thanks so much for sharing it! you will definitely get some good black mail out of it!!!

erinmalia said...

what does jonas think of this picture? does he laugh at himself?

emily said...

i just asked jonas what he thinks of the picture: "it's a pig." (he does know it's him, though)

Niederfam said...

silly boy, i love it. and YES, hang on to that one, it will be a great blackmail photo someday!!!!