Friday, September 05, 2008

Our House. . .

is a very, very, very small house. Okay, it's not teeny-tiny, but it is small. Even statistically speaking, it is small. Statistically speaking in the 1970s it is small. (Now, for all you "old folk" - including me - the 70s are a long time ago, 40 years ago. 40.) In the 70s the average home size was 1500, now it is about 2300. And where does our house stand? 1080 square feet. For 5 people and a dog - a fat dog at that.

But we are always to look at the silver lining, correct? So we usually do. In fact, we really love our home - we just don't love its size, or lack of size.

So here are some of the benefits of a small home:

1. When I clean my home (about twice a year), it takes me less than half the time of the average homeowner.

2. I can plug my vacuum in one outlet and vacuum every single part of the house.

3. I can either see or hear my kids at any given moment of the day.
4. For the seeker, hide'n'seek is pretty easy and quick.

5. Very literally, our family is a lot closer. Awwwww.

But, of course, a small home does present some challenges. Like this:

Yes, that is my"sewing room" (please excuse the pasty-white legs in the above photo). It is in my bedroom (it's not always "set up"). My "sewing table" is our wonderful end-table, made by my talented bro. My "sewing chair" is my exercise ball. In fact, our master bedroom is also our computer/office room, TV room, sewing room, exercise room, and food-storage room.

It's a good thing we are all so. . . small (i.e., short).


erinmalia said...

i want to see more pictures of your small house! it shouldn't take long...

Niederfam said...

way to look on the bright side of things, and i use my exercise ball for MANY things too!!!