Sunday, September 21, 2008

Quotes of the Week

This week I will showcase 2 quotes - both from Miles, one sour the other sweet.

"If you make me go to time-out then I will not let you shower on Sundays."

So that was the sour one, but it wasn't actually one of his sourest ones. Miles has now gotten into the habit of threatening his folks when we ask him to stop doing something, tell him to go to time-out, etc. His first "back-talk" was telling us that we would not be able to shower on Sundays. He has also said things like, to Ben, ". . . I will not let you go to work," (wahoo), to me, "I will not let you make me lunch," (WAHOO), but today he said something real mean to Ben, ". . . then I will hit you real hard." I expected back-talk and sass from my tweens and teen - but from my 4 1/2 year old? Are you serious?

The other quote:

"I really like Emmy. She is more fun than toys."

So cute, huh? When the boys play with Emmy - hide 'n seek, peek-a-boo, chase, fall-down-dead, etc. - it is all laughs and giggles from the whole family. Love it.


erinmalia said...

if only the not showering were an actual threat. and yes, what he said about emmy is adorable.

rebecca said...

Adorable. The second one.

My five year old gives me the same kind of threats. Ummm . . . aren't you supposed to threaten to run away when you're a teenager, not when you're still in the single digits? Sigh.

emily said...

i guess kids are just growing up way too fast, dang it. :)

Nicole said...

Love the quotes. They are always so funny! I can't wait til molly says funny things.