Monday, September 29, 2008

St. George

We just got back today from St. George. It was a very fun and very busy weekend - so, of course, we loved it.

Our 2 8-hour drives there and back were probably the best drives we've taken with the kids. I don't know why? We stopped for an hour - 1 1/2 hours and played at parks each time. We spent more time in the back "playing" with Emmy and so she didn't fuss as much. So we were blessed not only with safety, but with relative peace and quiet in the car (relative to 3 kids in a car for 8-hours).

We got there Friday and that nite Ben and I went to Tuacahn and saw the production of "Big River." The story of Huck Finn. It was really fun and entertaing - especially with the vast amounts of water pouring over the stage (the "floating on a river" effect) for quite a bit of the show. So neat! And on Saturday nite we went again to Tuacahn and saw "Les Miserables." How can I not love that? Even though I've seen it probably 1/2 a dozen times, it's a definite number 1 favorite on my list. Love it. So did Ben, of course.

Sunday was nice with church, naps, and visiting the St. George temple and visitors' center.

My parents were home with the kiddos as we attended the plays. Emmy slept soundly. Miles fell asleep quickly and quietly. Jonas raised heck. Ha. He would cry and whine and so my dad would go in and was pretty much yelled at by Jonas: "NO! I WANT MY MOM." "NO! MY MOM WILL DO IT!" Etc. I'm sure my parents are glad they are the grandparents. They've served their time. But Jonas was full of smiles, giggles and Grandpa-chases during the day. Crazy, crazy kid.

Anyways here are the pics:

On Saturday we went to an area downtown with "waterfalls" and "rivers." The kids loved it.

Jonas being "Emmy's friend" and holding her hand. Such a cute sibling-couple.

Miles playing in the "river," being a seal - as he called himself. Yes, he even made the seal noises.

Emmy loved it all, too. She loved playing in the water, but really loved, loved, loved climbing on the rocks. My girl is not afraid of getting dirty. Oh no.

They also had some water fountains there for playing in. Emmy was pretty much the most-daring of the group. :) Jonas slipped early on and so he stayed by me (on me) for most of the time. Miles, too, played it cautiously. But for as little as they actually got in the fountains, they still had a Fantastic time!

The Parents on a date at Tuacahn.

The kids also just LOVE staying at home - not our home, the home we "visit." Really, they could just stay there the whole time and have a total blast.

Eating yummy food.

Being goofy, goofy boys.

Playing "drums" on Grandpa G. (Who's having more fun - grandpa or grandkids?)

My cute parents and kiddos at the temple. It was so hot and sunny there!

You'd think they were watching "Bob the Builder" or something with their intense gazes. Instead, they were watching the temple video on the early pioneers settling St. George and in building the temple. They kept more focus than I did. Ha.

Finally (sorry to be so long), my favorite park ever. In Salina, UT. It was situated away from the town in a quaint little area surrounded by shady trees and beautiful green grass and a fun park. The park had some new and old stuff. The "new" stuff was your typical playground equipment. But the "old" stuff was the best - a merry-go-round and a super-cool swing-thing that I have never seen before. I loved it - perhaps maybe more than my kids? Naw, I don't think so.

The swings reminded me of the rides they have at Lagoon and other amusement parks. They spun around and around and around. . . How fun!

Once again, another fun time spent away from home with family.


erinmalia said...

i love that pic of mom and dad with your kids. looks like fun! and glad the drives went well. that would scare me to death.

Nicole said...

Sounds like a blast! And I'm so glad the car trips were a breeze...that makes the trip all that much better!

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

How fun! You guys are always out and about! I think I'm going to start tagging along! That river place looks like my kind of thing! I am also glad you and ben got to go out! Love all the pics!

Hans and Michelle said...

Your dress is so cute. Love it. jealous of the adult time. Good for you guys.