Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

I thought my title was original.

Well our Halloween is over and done with it. And, frankly, I couldn't be happier. While the church's trunk-or-treat is a grand idea, it's just chaos for me and my family. Well at least for Ben and me. I'm sure the boys loved it all. But I could definitely do without it. Not to say the activities committee didn't do a fantastic job - because they are fantastic and everything they do is fantastic - but managing my three kiddos there is not all that enjoyable. Anyways, how's that for a downer?

While I'm "downing," I'll mention how bummed I was with the kids' outfits - well not Miles'. Ben made his and it turned out pretty great. Miles was adamant on being Mars Rover. As in "the space thingy that landed on Mars." So I thought it would be fun to make Jonas and Emmy aliens. We ended up not painting their faces green and so they just looked like. . .? I don't know? Most people thought Emmy was just "the cutest bug." I didn't correct them.

But I did have a yummy whole-wheat roll at the church dinner and that made things a little better for me.

Anyways, enjoy the pics because I am done halloweening for this year. :)

That's my girl. (p.s. check out our string-o-ghosts in the background. I cut them all out of paper-plates and Miles drew each one. That was pretty fun! Miles LOVED it.

The best trick-or-treating treat ever. What a brilliant idea. My kids LOVED these and thought they were pretty much the funniest things on earth when they looked in the mirror.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Quote of the Week

Miles to me (mom): "If you do anything else nice to me, I may kiss you."

Awwwww, so precious.

sidenote: Apparently I didn't do anything else nice to him because I didn't get a kiss. But it was still oh-so-sweet.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random Musings

1. I have been blessed with good nappers. Today, as I was putting Emmy to nap Miles came in to "read" her a book (he has memorized some books and will, thus, "read" them). Miles then started talking about how Emmy just naps and never talks and never cries when going to nap. He's right. Right before putting Jonas down, Jonas kept asking me, "Is it nap time?" After a few minutes of telling him not quite, I decided, why not? So I put him down and he was happy. After doing school with Miles for an hour and a half, we were done with everything so I wanted to do my mid-day exercises. So I started doing it while listening to a conference talk. The talk was pretty loud - but Miles is now quietly sleeping on my bed. I am SO lucky to have such good nappers.

2. The conference talk I listened to was by Elder Corbridge. I grew up in his neighborhood and he was my home-teacher and stake president for many years. He is a great man.

3. I started a new job (once a week). I'm working at a hospital 25 minutes away (in the other town). I choose this place b/c they offer 8-hour shifts and that is easier to manage with 3 kids. It really seems like a great place to work. And, while I am so glad and grateful that I choose nursing as a profession, it isn't a "break" to go to work. I like it, though. But my favorite part of working is my commute - 25 minutes (each way) in the car listening to NPR. It's delightful. I hear stories, the news, and lots and lots of random stuff. Love it. When I'm driving home at night (11:30-midnight) I get to catch some of the British stuff and hearing those accents make me smile.

4. Our house is officially listed and up for sale. We are hoping to sell and buy a larger home in town. We've had 2 showings this week, but no offers. My house has never been kept cleaner nor tidier. Now I'm not saying it is perfectly clean, it's just never been cleaner. But it's driving me crazy trying to keep up with it. I don't know how people regularly clean their homes. I would hate that. Poor kids have to put up with me being (trying to be) a neat-freak.
5. I spent over an hour last Saturday watching this:

I like the random things of life - they give it spice.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Quote of the Week/Tag

I thought I would combine my quote of the week with a tag. The tag was to go to the 4th picture folder on my computer and post the 4th picture there. So here it is:

This picture is of Miles on our driveway in New York. He's about 20 months. Man, there is so much I miss about this picture: snow, our New York neighborhood/home, shoveling the driveway every morning, and, yes, a Miles that did not talk back to me.

But, today, I got to enjoy Miles talking in the sacrament meeting's Primary program, saying:

"I follow the prophet when I choose the right."

Truthfully, it wasn't as exciting as last year when he practically YELLED his line for literally the whole world to hear. But it was darling. In fact, he was pretty much darling the whole time. He did great and even would stand up for every song and tried to sing them all. A big improvement from last year.

Although he does talk back to me (a lot), for every ugly phrase that comes out of his little mouth there are 1,000 silly, cute, intelligent, quirky, nonsensical, gibberish, wise-beyond-his-year phrases that get out too.

Thank goodness.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Maxwell Salon

Yes, it happened. My 2 boys took scissors to their own hair and went snip-snip, snip-snip, snip-snip. I went to get Emmy up from her nap and when I returned to the kitchen the boys eagerly said to me, "We Cut Our Hair!!!!!" In that "I'm-so-freakin-proud-of-myself" tone of voice. At first I was a little upset. Then I let out quite a few chuckles, but I tried to hide them from the boys as I didn't want them to think they should do it again to make Mom laugh. They actually ended up cutting off a bunch of hair - but you can't really, totally tell. I mean, if you are standing over their head, looking down at them, it is pretty obvious. But oh well. It was bound to happen sometime, right?

Monday, October 13, 2008

And the evidence points to. . .

1. I am married

2. I am nearing my 30s

3. I do not work-out at a gym

4. I run in the dark

5. It was 22 degrees out

6. I simply do not care.

Otherwise I would not wear this out running:
some explanation: (I do have some pride.) I have yet to buy my running pants (my ones from last year were very old and trashed). At 11 last nite I scrambled to find some things to wear for my cold morning run. I didn't have the energy to find my cute, girly, pink fleece hat that I love to run in. Nor did I care about finding my gloves - as opposed to just wearing my husband's. Oh well, I was warm - and happy.

(This post was written and posted for Marathon Mommies.)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Monday, October 06, 2008

Just Two

So I got tagged (at least I think I did - there are other emilys in this blogging world I am sure).

Here it goes:

Two things you go by:
1. Mom
2. Mamamia (Miles claims that is what Emmy calls me)

Two things you are wearing right now:
1. a red shirt
2. a jacket - happy cooler-weather fall; love it!

Two things you want very badly at this moment:
1. a flat stomach
2. a playroom

Two things you did last night:
1. ate butternut squash (from our garden) soup
2. delivered cookies to some friends

Two things you ate yesterday:
1. baked pancake (a new tradition for General Conference Sunday)
2. toasted bagel with pumpkin dip/spread

Last two people you talked to:
1. Ben
2. Jonas as I changed a poopy pull-up ("Gross Jonas.")

Two things you're doing tomorrow:
1. Mommy 'n Me school with Miles
2. probably cleaning up, picking up, reading books, changing diapers, putting kids to nap, making breakfast, snacks, lunch, and dinner, running in the dark, etc.

Two longest car rides:
1. New York to Kansas - with no over-night stops
2. perhaps when I was a child and moved from VA to UT?

Your two favorite holidays:
1. Christmas
2. Halloween

Favorite vacations:
1. Hawaii
2. Alaska

Favorite beverages:
1. Water
2. Water

Friday, October 03, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

It's that time of year again - pumpkin time. I love fall. Everything about it makes me happy - crisp mornings, cooler days, the smell in the air, the change of colors, leaves on the ground, pumpkins, soups, candy corns - you name it, I love it.

This morning we all went (minus working-Ben of course) to the Pumpkin Patch with Mile's "Bridge" group. No, no, not as in card-playing Bridge. But there is a program funded by the school district where a "Miss Cindy" comes out every other week to your preschool-age kid (who cannot be enrolled in a preschool) and works with him for 45 minutes. Then 1-2 times a month the whole group of moms and kids get together for an activity.

Today was the Pumpkin Patch. Oh happy day.

The first stop there was at the hay-stack:

The hay-stack was the boys' favorite part. Especially the jumping. Wheee.

It was Emmy's nap-time and so she didn't totally enjoy it all. Oh well. 2 out of 3 is pretty good.

Then we went on a hay-ride pulled by a tractor. Miles told me the ride was "cool."

They seemed pretty happy to me.

After we got back from that the boys enjoyed roasting, but mostly eating, marshmallows by the fire:

Yum, yum.

Then we went pumpkin-hunting in the pumpkin-patch:

(ha, told ya she wasn't too happy)

Then when we got home Miles wanted to take a picture of the pumpkins in front of our house:

The 4 bigger pumpkins were the ones from our garden - the others were the ones we picked today.

Fun Fall.