Monday, October 13, 2008

And the evidence points to. . .

1. I am married

2. I am nearing my 30s

3. I do not work-out at a gym

4. I run in the dark

5. It was 22 degrees out

6. I simply do not care.

Otherwise I would not wear this out running:
some explanation: (I do have some pride.) I have yet to buy my running pants (my ones from last year were very old and trashed). At 11 last nite I scrambled to find some things to wear for my cold morning run. I didn't have the energy to find my cute, girly, pink fleece hat that I love to run in. Nor did I care about finding my gloves - as opposed to just wearing my husband's. Oh well, I was warm - and happy.

(This post was written and posted for Marathon Mommies.)


Megan said...

I love it! All I can say is at least you're running!

Melissa said...

You don't even need to bring your mace with an outfit like that!