Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

I thought my title was original.

Well our Halloween is over and done with it. And, frankly, I couldn't be happier. While the church's trunk-or-treat is a grand idea, it's just chaos for me and my family. Well at least for Ben and me. I'm sure the boys loved it all. But I could definitely do without it. Not to say the activities committee didn't do a fantastic job - because they are fantastic and everything they do is fantastic - but managing my three kiddos there is not all that enjoyable. Anyways, how's that for a downer?

While I'm "downing," I'll mention how bummed I was with the kids' outfits - well not Miles'. Ben made his and it turned out pretty great. Miles was adamant on being Mars Rover. As in "the space thingy that landed on Mars." So I thought it would be fun to make Jonas and Emmy aliens. We ended up not painting their faces green and so they just looked like. . .? I don't know? Most people thought Emmy was just "the cutest bug." I didn't correct them.

But I did have a yummy whole-wheat roll at the church dinner and that made things a little better for me.

Anyways, enjoy the pics because I am done halloweening for this year. :)

That's my girl. (p.s. check out our string-o-ghosts in the background. I cut them all out of paper-plates and Miles drew each one. That was pretty fun! Miles LOVED it.

The best trick-or-treating treat ever. What a brilliant idea. My kids LOVED these and thought they were pretty much the funniest things on earth when they looked in the mirror.


Mindy said...

Sorry you didn't have much fun, I can totally relate. But your kids are SO cute! It looks like they loved it (well, besdes Emmy maybe). And I noticed your ghosts in the background before I even read that and I thought - hey that would be a cute idea of what I can do tomorrow. Yes, we are having trunk or treat ON Halloween. Weird. Glad you survived.

erinmalia said...

those teeth are awesome! parents have to love them. i wish i could have seen the boys as they saw themselves. well, glad for you it's over! except for the 200 kids you'll get at your house tonight, you know, like i will.

megan said...

I always kind of dreaded the trunk or treat until last year. For some reason for the last two years we've actually enjoyed it. Maybe it has to do with the kids being a little older and me not stressing out so much about them getting stepped on or lost or whatever. But yeah, I used to really not like it.
Cute costumes, and I love the Mars Rover! So original.

Niederfam said...

I know ideas are sometimes better on "paper" than in reality, it's a tough go with kiddos and all that comes with them some days!!! So in your case, I'm glad it's OVER!!!!
I still think the kiddos look great!!!!

Brooke said...

But they do look adorable. :) Yeah, I'm totally happy that Halloween is over, it was fun but we're exhausted!!!