Friday, October 03, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

It's that time of year again - pumpkin time. I love fall. Everything about it makes me happy - crisp mornings, cooler days, the smell in the air, the change of colors, leaves on the ground, pumpkins, soups, candy corns - you name it, I love it.

This morning we all went (minus working-Ben of course) to the Pumpkin Patch with Mile's "Bridge" group. No, no, not as in card-playing Bridge. But there is a program funded by the school district where a "Miss Cindy" comes out every other week to your preschool-age kid (who cannot be enrolled in a preschool) and works with him for 45 minutes. Then 1-2 times a month the whole group of moms and kids get together for an activity.

Today was the Pumpkin Patch. Oh happy day.

The first stop there was at the hay-stack:

The hay-stack was the boys' favorite part. Especially the jumping. Wheee.

It was Emmy's nap-time and so she didn't totally enjoy it all. Oh well. 2 out of 3 is pretty good.

Then we went on a hay-ride pulled by a tractor. Miles told me the ride was "cool."

They seemed pretty happy to me.

After we got back from that the boys enjoyed roasting, but mostly eating, marshmallows by the fire:

Yum, yum.

Then we went pumpkin-hunting in the pumpkin-patch:

(ha, told ya she wasn't too happy)

Then when we got home Miles wanted to take a picture of the pumpkins in front of our house:

The 4 bigger pumpkins were the ones from our garden - the others were the ones we picked today.

Fun Fall.


Brooke said...

This looks like FUN! I LOVE this time of year too. And I had to laugh about the "bridge" group at first read, because I thought of a group of little boys and old ladies getting together to play the game. :) But the actual program sounds awesome! What a great idea.

erinmalia said...

are those new jackets? they are adorable.

i got some candy corns (brachs, of course) from my least-favorite grocery store and they weren't as good. i'll have to stick to the original.

Nicole said...

Oh fun!!