Sunday, October 19, 2008

Quote of the Week/Tag

I thought I would combine my quote of the week with a tag. The tag was to go to the 4th picture folder on my computer and post the 4th picture there. So here it is:

This picture is of Miles on our driveway in New York. He's about 20 months. Man, there is so much I miss about this picture: snow, our New York neighborhood/home, shoveling the driveway every morning, and, yes, a Miles that did not talk back to me.

But, today, I got to enjoy Miles talking in the sacrament meeting's Primary program, saying:

"I follow the prophet when I choose the right."

Truthfully, it wasn't as exciting as last year when he practically YELLED his line for literally the whole world to hear. But it was darling. In fact, he was pretty much darling the whole time. He did great and even would stand up for every song and tried to sing them all. A big improvement from last year.

Although he does talk back to me (a lot), for every ugly phrase that comes out of his little mouth there are 1,000 silly, cute, intelligent, quirky, nonsensical, gibberish, wise-beyond-his-year phrases that get out too.

Thank goodness.


rebecca said...

Cute picture. I had forgotten you lived in New York. You already had your primary presentation? Ours isn't for a few more weeks. I can't wait! It's the best Sunday of the year. I hear you on the talking back. Somehow the love is still there . . . when they're asleep. :)

Nicole said...

So cute!