Thursday, October 23, 2008

Random Musings

1. I have been blessed with good nappers. Today, as I was putting Emmy to nap Miles came in to "read" her a book (he has memorized some books and will, thus, "read" them). Miles then started talking about how Emmy just naps and never talks and never cries when going to nap. He's right. Right before putting Jonas down, Jonas kept asking me, "Is it nap time?" After a few minutes of telling him not quite, I decided, why not? So I put him down and he was happy. After doing school with Miles for an hour and a half, we were done with everything so I wanted to do my mid-day exercises. So I started doing it while listening to a conference talk. The talk was pretty loud - but Miles is now quietly sleeping on my bed. I am SO lucky to have such good nappers.

2. The conference talk I listened to was by Elder Corbridge. I grew up in his neighborhood and he was my home-teacher and stake president for many years. He is a great man.

3. I started a new job (once a week). I'm working at a hospital 25 minutes away (in the other town). I choose this place b/c they offer 8-hour shifts and that is easier to manage with 3 kids. It really seems like a great place to work. And, while I am so glad and grateful that I choose nursing as a profession, it isn't a "break" to go to work. I like it, though. But my favorite part of working is my commute - 25 minutes (each way) in the car listening to NPR. It's delightful. I hear stories, the news, and lots and lots of random stuff. Love it. When I'm driving home at night (11:30-midnight) I get to catch some of the British stuff and hearing those accents make me smile.

4. Our house is officially listed and up for sale. We are hoping to sell and buy a larger home in town. We've had 2 showings this week, but no offers. My house has never been kept cleaner nor tidier. Now I'm not saying it is perfectly clean, it's just never been cleaner. But it's driving me crazy trying to keep up with it. I don't know how people regularly clean their homes. I would hate that. Poor kids have to put up with me being (trying to be) a neat-freak.
5. I spent over an hour last Saturday watching this:

I like the random things of life - they give it spice.


Isa said...

Oh Emily, I am SO jealous of your #1. I have NEVER had good nappers. In, fact, Lily gave up 2 naps when she was 7 months old and by a year old she flat-out refused. She wails for hours instead of laying her sleepy head down! Can't wait for those stubborn ways to rear their ugly teenage heads!

erinmalia said...

i love that emmy still has that hand wiggle as she walks. i'm sure in 12 years she'll ask you, "WHY did i do that?!" and you'll just laugh and say, "i have no idea!" ha.

Melissa said...

I'm so glad you are enjoying working again. One day a week is a perfect little break from the kids. What area are you working in? I love the swing shift too.

La Ron said...

How lucky are you to have all three kids down for a nap at the same time and actually wanting to take a nap. Congrats on going back to work. I didn't know you were selling your house. Good luck. Your kids are so cute. I love reading your blog.

Mindy said...

I love this post. It is so fun to hear all the miscellaneous things in people's lives. you are so good at posting "real life". I love reading it and getting to know you guys better. Good luck with your house! Is the market as bad there as it is every where else?

Nicole said...

Wow, big things! Very exciting about getting to go to work and selling your house!

Kristen said...

First of all, Miles is still taking a nap. Count your blessings girl. Both my boys are done. Also, good for you for going back to work. I'm thinking about going back in Jan., but we'll see. I needed a break. I'm glad you like it.