Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas '08

A good Christmas, indeed. And would you believe it when I say that Ben and I actually woke our boys up?! Ha. Especially my boys that usually wake up before the sun? Well we did. Ben and I didn't sleep too great (due to colds) and so we just woke up at 6:30. Emmy woke up shortly after. By about 6:55 we wanted to get the party started and so we got the boys up. I just love how the parents woke the children up at our house.

Here are the pictures showcasing our Christmas:

The fish tank was Santa's present to the kids. We will put real fish in there soon (but, as Santa's letter said, he couldn't bring the fish because it's too cold in the North Pole), but I am growing quite attached to the cute paper-fish we have now. Plus, they are real easy to take care of and don't even require water.

Emmy digging down deep for Santa's stocking gifts.

Jonas doing the same.

Miles playing with a jet he got from his stocking.

I had to put this picture in because this is basically how Emmy spent her 2nd Christmas - stuffing her face with candy. It was pretty awful, actually (Of course Ben and I were the enablers - bad, bad, bad). I've never seen a kid so enamored, addicted, and drawn to candy. She's crazy. And the result of waaaaay too much candy and overtiredness? Ugly, ugly, ugly. Not Emmy, just her resulting breakdown and crash.

Emmy and her cute homemade doll from Aunt-e. She also got an adorable skirt to match. I'm sure you'll be seeing pictures of that in another post soon.

Emmy in her cute fleece and talking on her phone.

And another one of Emmy. No, she is not my favorite (moms can't have favorites). But she sure is good at letting me take pictures of her - and being cute in them. She loved all her toys AND all her brothers' toys, too. She played and played on the scooter, as well as with Miles' car-carrier truck. She's hilarious. When not overdosed on candy, of course.

Jonas loved his scooter, too, of course.

This was the present I was so excited about. I just knew it would be perfect for Miles - he's the kid who can spend hours and hours with playdough and a single knife. What you see in the picture is about 1/10 of the "collection" we got. I found this dandy on Ebay - it came with about 7-8 "sets," including the barber set (MY favorite), a dentist set, cooking set, racing set, monster set (not sure about that one), fun-center set, etc. The old-school sets. Miles loved it.

Jonas (and Emmy) loved the playdough stuff, too. Jonas enjoyed being a barber - and later a dentist. I love playdough.

Perhaps my favorite picture of Christmas.

I hope everybody else had a good Christmas too.


erinmalia said...

seriously the hair barber is my favorite playdough of all time. lovely. and the paper fish are fish i could do.

Rachael said...

Your boys look just like you! How are you doing? Looks like you had a great Christmas!
Take care!
Rachael (Baglietto)

Niederfam said...

so cute!!!! looks like a VERY merry christmas!!! i can't wait to see the REAL fish.....

i {heart} hawkes said...

the paper fish were a great idea, have they bugged you about getting real ones yet? playdough rules, i remember the barber set from back in the day. i can only imagine emmy on a sugar high, she must have loved it. great pics!

Nicole said...

I love that you woke them up! ha! Looks like it was a successful day! The goldfish are a great idea.