Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dear Santa

Miles wants a titanic and an iceberg. Miles and Jonas want a dinosaur. Miles also wants a sting-ray and a rainbow trout. Jonas also wants a rainbow trout. Miles wants some swedish fish. Jonas wants some gummy-worms and gummy-fish.

Thank you.

P.S. Emmy would probably like a doll and a cookie.


erinmalia said...

did you get emmy her doll? i'm pretty sure everything else is unattainable.

Brooke said...

Emily, I just love your blog. :) Your kids are utterly adorable and I love reading about your sweet life!! What a great wish list they have this year. :)

emily said...

we got a doll - and the swedish fish. hopefully the other stuff santa got will appease them enough to still like santa.

La Ron said...

I love that they ask for things that are impossible to attain. John has a college friend that lives in your town. Do you know Golden and Brandalyn Filmore. It's a long shot but just checking. I loved your Chrismtas Card it was adorable.

La Ron said...

It is a small world. You will have to say hi for us.