Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dearest Jonas

Dearest Jonas,

Well your birthday has come and gone and so I am a little late (2 days) in writing this. But we are at your Grandpa G's and Grandma Dixie's house and so we celebrated your birthday here - your 3rd birthday! It's kind of funny because for the last 3-4 months your dad and I could not believe that you were still just 2. That seemed like a baby-age, but you have grown up so much we just don't picture you as a baby anymore. So when you turned 3 that made more sense to us. Too bad you barfed on your birthday, though. At least you were able to play with your new toys and eat a little of your birthday cake.

You have grown up a lot in the last year. I have so loved seeing your personality develop more and more. I love that you are you. Jonas. You are so different than your brother and it is a delight to see. You just do your own thing. Now, of course, you still do things your brother does. But there are a lot of things that Miles is interested in, and you just aren't.

I love your athleticism and interest in sporty things. You can out-bike your brother (on a trike, of course). You can tear up the sidewalk on a skateboard. You love flying on a scooter whenever you get the chance to hop on one. You love playing baseball with your dad - which is usually inside the house and involves wooden spoons for bats, among other things. It's been fun to see you play at these type of activities.

I love how you still say the wrong words. You know the right words, but for some reason you just speak faster than your mind at times. We laugh and love it. I love how when you pee you never pull down your pants, you ummmm just pull up and out and pee (sorry, i know that will be totally embarrasing to you someday, but it is something that makes you You and i love it).

I love how silly you are. You talk in funny voices sometimes - real low and deep, with your face all scrunched back. It's hilarious. You also just say funny things. I can't even think what they are because usually they are bizarre-funny, but you're just a funny kid.

We have nicknamed you Cheerio-Joe, since you love Cheerios so much. I don't buy it all that often, though. Mainly because I know it will be a big battle until the stuff is gone. You see, you want it for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and both snacks. You do. And you get a little upset with me when I say no. But apparently you like your name because if we say something like, "You're silly Jonas," you'll come back and say, "No! I'm Cheerio-Joe." It's great.

I love how you are a wonderful, wonderful Little-Bro and Big-Bro. You are so good. Miles, perhaps because he is only a Big-Brother, can be so very demanding. He is also very picky and has to eat in That Color bowl. If I give him the wrong color (I am not a mind-reader, ya know) and he starts ranting and raving about it, you'll just say, "Here Miles" and give him your bowl. Without me asking. You just do it. I love that. You will also share your toys with Miles - on your own. You're so good.

You are also such a sweet Big-Brother to Emmy. She's so lucky to have you and Miles. You, Jonas, have really gotten into holding her hand. It's adorable, to say the least. When we were driving over here we stopped at a gas station to get some milk. You took Emmy's hand and walked all around the store with her. So cute! Then I had to go with Miles to an activity. They have a nursery there for you and Emmy to go to. Well the first time we went Emmy didn't stay at all. Afterwards you told me some baby had pushed her down. Well the next time we went, as soon as we got in there you saw a baby (apparently The Baby) and said that was the baby that had pushed Emmy down. I put Emmy down and you immediately took her hand and walked her over to some toys. She stayed for 45 minutes. When I thanked you for being so kind to Emmy, you said, "I didn't want the baby to push her over." My heart melted.

We are so lucky to have lived with you for the past 3 years.