Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Our 5th annual hunt for The Christmas Tree

So we had a very busy and very, very fun Saturday. We started the day early by heading up to the mountains to find and cut down The Christmas Tree. Later that evening we walked down to the Parade of Lights - and watched for an hour before deciding we'd had enough (it was still going on!) Such fun things. Also included in our fun Saturday was a baby shower I got to go to for a beautiful friend, and then after the parade we all went over to a friend's house for a Christmas Party. Does the fun ever end? Apparently not on Saturday.

Here area whole bunch of pictures of some of the events of the day:


Jenson Family said...

That looks soooo cold! But soo fun too! I love the pic of Ben skiing down with the tree! Awesome! The snow is beautiful. When we went to Utah for Thanksgiving we were hoping for some snow for the kids to play in, but there was none... :( Bummer! It doesn't seem like you have that problem!

erinmalia said...

you guys are just so tough. three kids and one of them is barely 1 year old? sheesh. you are amazing.

i'm loving those hats on the kids!

Niederfam said...

Mitt would have LOVED the Tractor with lights, I'm sure it was a FAVORITE for your boys too!!!

Mindy said...

Looks like so much fun! What a fun memory. I love all the snow. your kids are so awesome! And yes, VERY cute.