Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sunday - Jonas' Birthday

Our little big boy turned 3 today. I was so hoping that he wouldn't be sick - but alas that didn't happen and Jonas barfed on the carpet by about 8am. But, perhaps, he felt a little better after that? He seemed okay, but just okay - not great. I think he still had a special day and felt special. He is still talking about his birthday cake, presents, etc. . .

The boys were lucky and got to watch a movie on Jonas' birthday. No, I didn't tell Jonas that his eyes would go bad sitting that close to the TV. Yes, they were really, really into it.

Here is the birthday-party gang: me, Jonas, Grandpa G, Great-Grandma Phyllis, Grandma Dixie, Miles, and Emmy (and Ben taking the picture).

Playing with his fun presents: this is one from Auntie - hand-sewn fish and hand-made pole. So cute!

Vroooooom! His very own plane. Jonas keeps asking if his presents are "his." Yes. And do we get to take them home. Yes. Luuuuuucky.

Luckily Jonas wasn't sick enough to not eat his birthday cake. He was really excited about "his" cake and the letter "J" (thank goodness since that morning he was telling me he wanted a track-excavator cake). It's so fun making kids happy!

Happy Birthday Jonas! We love you so, so, so much.

The End of Sunday.

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