Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thankful for Thanksgiving Holiday

We had a fantastic time with Grandma Diana and Grandpa Max at their home. Here is a run-down of what we did:
On thanksgiving we went to the Denver museum. Here are the 3 kids in front of Miles' Miles-inspired Halloween costume: the MARS rover.

Here they are "digging" up dinosaur bones.

Cute Jonas taking cute Emmy's hand and showing her stuff.

The boys were so intrigued by this: a mountain lion eating a deer. It was one of their favorite things.

Jonas enjoying his ride with his beautiful Grandma Diana.

Our thanksgiving lunch picnic at the museum. Yum.

Then back at grandma's home we started getting ready for thanksgiving dinner. Emmy did her part by just being cute and waving.

This was Miles' name-card he made - he made one for everyone there. So cute.

Our thanksgiving crew - minus the picture-taker Grandpa Max. Yummy, delicious fun!


This really does sum up Friday quite nicely: car trips. We were on a hunt to find a VW beetle and so we took the kids with us that morning to check out one. This is Emmy sleeping in her new car-seat (which she christened nicely on the ride up with lots and lots of BARF). When the kids took their afternoon nap, Ben and I drove and checked out another VW. Then that evening Ben and his father drove yet again to check out another one. On the road again. . .

Saturday:Saturday involved lots of playing - inside and out. Emmy really enjoyed the Darth Vader mask.

It snowed! The boys were thrilled, to say the least. Here are the striped bandits going out to raise havoc - but mostly to eat the snow. Fun.

Emmy can't stand not doing what her brothers do. So we let her eat some snow, too. Not the yellow snow, of course. It does not taste lemony.

Great-Grandma Dee (on the left of the picture) came over to visit. Great-Grandma Gwenn (on the right) lives at the house. How wonderful for our children to know some of their great-grandparents.


We were suppose to drive home on Sunday, but our route was closed and I-70 was a mess. So we stayed. The boys were happy to play some more in the snow!

Emmy was happy enough playing in the kitchen with me.


No pictures for that day. We drove home. Ben drove home his "new" 1971 VW beetle (I'll post more on that later) and I followed him with the 3 kids in my car. We had to take an alternate route as our usual roads were still closed. Ben's wipers don't work on his car, so the first part we had to stop a few times for him to wipe off his windshield. It took us 7 hours to get home - 2 more hours than usual. Monarch Pass was a little snow-packed in spots and at one point I found my car sliding out of control. I went into the other lane (luckily no cars were coming) and then kept fish-tailing all over until I finally ran the car into the side-embakement. So scary! And, no, my life did not flash before my eyes. My children's deaths did, though. Seriously. I had never been so scared for my children. But we survived with no damage. Miles, that night in his prayer, told Heavenly Father he didn't like the part of our trip where we were out of control. Me neither.

Anyways, sorry to end it on a bummer-note! We did have a fabulous time spent with fabulous people. We're all already missing it.


erinmalia said...

looks like fun sis! your kids do have such cute grandparents.

did you freak out when your car went careening? i would have! but maybe not because of the kids in the car.

emily said...

uh, yeah, i was freaking out! even with my kids in the car. but maybe not totally freaking out. i was just, "oh my gosh, i have no control. . . !" maybe i should have put that all in caps.

courtney said...

what i wouldn't do for a little snow around here! thanksgiving in CO is lovely - i'm quite jealous! glad you guys made it home OK. driving in the snow is the only thing i don't like about it.

can't wait to hear more about the VW bug!

Mindy said...

Looks like a fun weekend! And snow - super fun! My boys love that museum. We go there almost every time we go to Denver and they never get bored of it.

That is scary to slide. Russ and I spun out one time and luckily ended up on the shoulder. He just started driving again and I was like "what are you doing!" I made him stop so I could re gather my senses, and I wasn't even the one driving! Glad you are safe!

megan said...

Sorry about the barf and the scary icy roads, but those cards Miles made are darn cute! And I'll always have a place in my heart for VW bugs since I drove one in high school.

Megan said...

It was so nice to see you, even if it was for only a few minutes at church. Next time you should call us...we have a museum membership and you can go for free!

i {heart} hawkes said...

what an adventure. the kiddie pics are cute as always. those name places miles made are fantastic. i'm learning that it's not easier to clean up someone else's barf, even if it is your own darling child's. we are also on mission for a new car seat this week.

rebecca said...

Scary! I'm so glad you and the kids are ok.

So many cute pics. Love the snow, the bowls on the kitchen floor and Emmy's carseat is ADORABLE!

I'm interested in the VW bug story as well.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nicole said...

Looks like so much fun. Glad it was enjoyable.

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

SO FUN! I love the picture of them digging up for dinosaur bones! I also am so jealous of the snow! Nothing is worse than feeling out of control in your car. I'm glad you guys were safe. I also feel for ya with the barf situation!

Niederfam said...

looks like quite the party!!! glad you were able to pack in so much fun!!!