Thursday, December 18, 2008


Today was another big day. We took the family and went skiing. Well 3 of us went skiing - the boys. We rented skis for Ben, Miles, and Jonas last nite and then today headed up, with my dad, to Park City. It turned out to be a really good time! Except for Emmy perhaps. Poor girl. She was stuck with me and Grandpa at the bottom of the slope while the boys took turns with Ben going up the lift and down the hill. She survived, though, and even took at 20-minute nap bundled with me inside my coat. Cute.

Here are Jonas' adventures:

All ready to go.

Jonas had to hang out with me, Emmy, and my dad while Ben took Miles up. But Jonas didn't mind the Grandpa-Ski-Lift.

He had fun skiing down the side of the hill while awaiting his turn on the Big Mountain Hill.

Ahhh, finally his turn with Dad came. Yea!

And there they are - wheeeee.

Our batteries started dying and so I hardly have any of Miles. But here he is:

Miles getting on the lift for his first time ever.

It was snowing while we were there. Thankfully the boys had goggles.

Both boys did great - but, most importantly, had fun. We had fun watching them, too.

Later that day Christian, one of Ben's best-friends, came to visit. Our boys always talk about Christian. "What is Christian's middle name?" "What is Christian's favorite color?" "Is Christian coming?" I don't know where this came from. Frankly, I don't even think they really even knew who Christian was. But, oh, they were So Excited to see him when he came! Especially Jonas. He couldn't stop talking to Christian. It was so cute. My favorite question that Jonas asked Christian was, "Where's your girl?" I am sure I will here more about him in the next few months.

The End of Thursday.


i {heart} hawkes said...

your trip pictures in utah look fantastic, hope you are enjoying all the snow!

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

I want to join your family!!! SO FUN! Your skiing day made me totally jealous! I am glad you guys had such a good time!

Niederfam said...

NICE, making us proud.........And, I really do miss our condo clubhouse for the perks like the pool, and basketball court, etc.etc. We've got to come visit your parents and check out their new place---maybe next time you are in town!!!