Thursday, December 18, 2008


The big activity for Wednesday was going swimming. We had to shower before we headed into the pool and, frankly, I think that was a big mistake. The shower was hot - but 5 of us had to quickly shower. So 1 would shower and then stand around waiting for the other 4. Getting cold. Then we all had to run to the pool - and, thus, get colder. Now the pool water was warm - but any part of our body that was sticking out of the water? Cold.

Emmy, once again hated it. But, lucky for Grandma, she decided that being held by someone other than Mommy was preferable to the water.
A lifeguard came over to us at one point to ask us if Miles was okay - due to his extremely purple lips. :) But the boys had a fabulous time. It was really fun - until we had to get out of the warm water. Brrrrrrrr.
The End of Wednesday.

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