Friday, January 30, 2009


So I need your help. I belong to a book club and each month someone new determines what book will be read next. I'm next at choosing the book. And, (I'll blame it on being the last child), I don't like making "executive decisions." I don't think I even know how. So I need all your suggestions.

If YOU were to pick ONE book to be read for a book club, which ONE would YOU choose? It can be non-fiction, fiction, anything.

(I have had one thought: Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv. I know my friend Rebecca enjoyed this one.)

Please help, thanks!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gimme a Break

So I think it rather funny that when I talk to people and tell them that I am working once a week (I'm a nurse), they all think it is so great that I "get a break." Ha. Now I know that people are saying this with the best intentions and really hope for me that it is a break, but sorry it ain't. After spending 7 + hours tending to the cares of my 3 kids, I get to trade that in for tending to the care of 5-6 sick kids, well patients.

I go to work from 3pm to about midnight. The past couple times I've worked I have literally not had enough time to sit down for 5 minutes and try to eat some dinner. It's crazy. I end up eating dinners about 1/3 of the times I go to work. Even when I do get dinner it's for a max of 10 minutes. If I am lucky. I have wisened up and now just bring luna bars.

Each time I go to work I resolve to stay on top of my charting, and each time I fail. This patient just barfed, the other one is in so much pain, a doctor's calling me on the phone, and the beeper keeps going off (- for me? I don't know, I haven't quite figured out that darn little beeper.) So alas, my charting falls to the wayside. There are meds to be given at 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 9:30, 10, 10:30, 11, and 11:30. And for some of those meds I have to crush them all up and give them in applesauce. Some I have to administer 1 at a time, waiting 3 minutes between each one. Sometimes I have to gown, glove, and mask up to enter the room to give the meds. Other meds aren't where they are suppose to be. Nothing is ever simple. Life is not simple.

Then after the evening is spent and I stay later finishing up all my charting and then I finally go home. That would be nice if that were the end of it. But you lay in bed thinking, "Did I do this?" "Did I do that?" Then some days (ahem, like today) I get a call saying I did not dot my i's or cross my t's (well I forgot to sign my name on some forms - it was my first time giving blood at this facility and I was not familiar with the 1,028 dots and crosses I needed to make). But even worse I found out that the blood didn't get all in (you have 4 hours to get blood in to a patient - after that time, if that blood hasn't gotten all in, you have to throw it out). Argh. I passed on in report that it was sluggish (giving blood thru a PICC line always is), I had put a pressure bag on it and had encouraged the next nurse to check it out so that it would get all in.

So now I feel like an awful nurse. No nurse wants to get a message, "This is for Emily. I have a question about the blood you gave last nite." Heart-beat gets faster as I start thinking of what I did - wrong blood, wrong patient, wrong site, pt. died from it, etc. Seriously, that's what I think. Luckily it turned out to be dots and crosses. But I feel like the blame is all on me that it didn't go in. So I'll fret about it until I go to work next week and end up with a new thing to fret about.

I don't know why I keep doing nursing. Well, I do know why. For the experience - I do want to keep current. For the money - every little bit counts. And, okay, because sometimes I like it. I liked it when last night when I was talking to my 90 year-old patient about how great she looks. She points to the bed next to her (the curtain was drawn) and whispers, "That lady is 91. But I look much better. I don't have all those wrinkles like she does." As I sat there and listened and chuckled, she said, "Well it's true isn't it?" It was true. Sweet little moments like those are fun.

So I didn't mean to go off and kudos to you if you made it this far. But I do not work a 9-hour no-break shift tending to the needs of 1/2 a dozen patients for "a break." Please, I would much rather have a kit-kat bar.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

because sitting on a chair is so lame

a few notes about the movie:

we did not coerce emmy into doing this. she, herself, makes sure she gets to do everything her brothers do. if she doesn't get to, she SCREAMS.

when miles watched the video, he just laughed and laughed and laughed - at himself. obviously he thought he was pretty funny.

don't miss jonas' closing act.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Like Daughter, Like Doll

(sorry, not the best pictures) But thanks again Aunt-e for the adorable skirt and doll!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Moab 1/2

So I am running the Moab 1/2 marathon.
On March 21st, 2009.
6 days before my 30th birthday.
Let's hope my old body can do it.
Too bad the race doesn't start until 10AM.
In broad day-light.
I now run at 5:50 AM.
It's still really dark out.
I run slower in the light.

Nobody is chasing me.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Here fishy, fishy. . .

Well Santa gave us a fish tank for Christmas. We finally got it ready, put some goldfish in last week, then bought some more exciting fish on Saturday - along with some fish tank decor. I have to say I love it. The decor (we like things fairly simple). I saw it and fell in love with the little drowned car. Ha. And the fish? I'm not so sure about some of them. We bought tiger-bards (or lions as Jonas so jonasly calls them) and they scare me. They are aggressive-type fish, but we were told they would not be quite so aggressive if we got 4 of them. We got 4 of them and they are probably okay, but they pick on the other fish. Our guppies. The male guppy has a beautiful fin (Miles calls him "parrot bird") and tiger-bards are fin-nippers. Argh. But the tigers haven't eaten our tiny neon-tetra fish, so I might let them stay. We'll see. The guppies hang up at the top of our tank all day - I've researched this (via Google, of course) and found it could be due to: too much nitrite/ammonia in the water, they are shy, they are guppies and guppies do this, they are stressed, they are getting used to the new tank, the female wants to stay away from the male, or they are going to die any minute. So I don't know. Our neon fish are so neat. Their bodies glow and their eyes do too. We also got a frog - but he hides under the car most of the day (don't tell the other fish, but i love him the most). We've all had fun watching them and Ben and I love the tank just as much as our kids.

I'm posting pictures, but I can't figure out how to get a good shot of it. The tank really looks better in real life.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Cold versus Hot

So I think most people would say that I like the cold the best. I think I would even say that. But I think that people misunderstand this a lot. For instance, I didn't enjoy the 20 feet I had to walk to my car today in the 15-degree sunless weather. It was freakin' cold. But I did enjoy running when it was in the single-digits and got so warm that I had to take my gloves off. (Yes, I am that fast that I generate that much heat. Ha.) But this is why I like the cold more - you can get warm and be comfortable. So, in reality, I really like being warm better. Confused, yet? See, when it is hot outside the ONLY way to cool off is for the temperature to change - which usually requires going in some place that has AC. So the only way to adapt to the heat is to leave it. But. . .the cold? You can warm up in the cold. Your body can actually be warm in freezing cold temps. And that I love. I love exercising and being out on cool, crisp mornings. I love when my eyelashes form snowflakes. I love the chill on my face - but only on my face.

So, yes, I do love the cold - but only when I'm warm in it.

Sunday, January 04, 2009

Quote of the Week

"Emmy, you look like a macaroni penguin."


Background info:

So I don't know quite yet if Miles is brilliant or not, but this I do know: his memory is Outstanding. So 2-3 months ago we read about penguins from library books and they mentioned the different kinds of penguins - not all penguins are Emperor penguins, ya know? And, of course, one variety of penguins is called the Macaroni penguins. That was the last I had mentioned or talked of them.

Then. . . we got a DVD movie from Grandma Phyllis and it had 3 penguins on the front cover. Miles pointed to one of them and told me, "That's a macaroni penguin." Frankly I did not know what he was talking about. I just thought he had made up some funny name for the penguin. Low and behold I came in at one time during the movie and a little penguin introduced himself as "a macaroni penguin." What? I had not remembered that at all. But of course Miles had.

And what makes a macaroni penguin stand out to a 4-year old? Well of course the name AND the hair. Gotta love it!

Thursday, January 01, 2009

First Day of 2009

I thought I would document our first day in 2009. I actually went to bed before 10pm - that's how excited I was about the new year.

This is how Ben started his new year - literally. He was up until 12:30AM taking about his VW carburetor, cleaning it, then putting it together again with new parts. I think this is a good indicator of 2009 for Ben: working on the VW. But he Loves, Loves, Loves it. So that is Ben's hobby-of-the-year: VWing.

Apparently Emmy started 2009 with wild and crazy hair. (See my post this coming Sunday.)

And the boys went "camping" in our room. Miles is on our right, Jonas on our left under the blanket. And don't forget to notice Miles' dinosaur that joined them on their camping adventures. And the cheerio box? I don't know why he was invited and I was not.

Me - I started the new year with a nice, cool 6-mile run. It felt great.

The rest of the day was great, too. We went over to some friend's home and had some wonderful, wonderful crepes - sweet and savory. Wow, good. Good times were had with our family and friends today. And I guess that's what the years of our lives should be filled with - good family and good friends. I don't think it gets better than that.