Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Cold versus Hot

So I think most people would say that I like the cold the best. I think I would even say that. But I think that people misunderstand this a lot. For instance, I didn't enjoy the 20 feet I had to walk to my car today in the 15-degree sunless weather. It was freakin' cold. But I did enjoy running when it was in the single-digits and got so warm that I had to take my gloves off. (Yes, I am that fast that I generate that much heat. Ha.) But this is why I like the cold more - you can get warm and be comfortable. So, in reality, I really like being warm better. Confused, yet? See, when it is hot outside the ONLY way to cool off is for the temperature to change - which usually requires going in some place that has AC. So the only way to adapt to the heat is to leave it. But. . .the cold? You can warm up in the cold. Your body can actually be warm in freezing cold temps. And that I love. I love exercising and being out on cool, crisp mornings. I love when my eyelashes form snowflakes. I love the chill on my face - but only on my face.

So, yes, I do love the cold - but only when I'm warm in it.


erinmalia said...

i totally agree. when it's cold, you can do something about it. but when it's hot, there's just nothing you can do. it just plain sucks.

La Ron said...

I am opposite. I love the heat. There is nothing better than being outside on a warm sunny day. I do not enjoy it in July and August when it is 120 degree's out. Too hot to even swim. I hate being cold. I lived in Utah for 2 years and it took me almost that long to thaw out. I don't like to wear jackets or closed toed shoes. It snowed here a few weeks ago and I was bent out of shape when I had to scrape my car off with my library card and no gloves. I guess it is a good thing I live in Vegas and you live in Colorado.

emily said...

very true La Ron. but you could still live in colorado and wear flip-flops - every day. i do. :)

jana jacob said...

Yay - I am so glad to see your blog! Love it! You are amazing! I am so jealous reading of your running! I took all three of my kids out today, I thought Eden would be able to handle this pregnant lady's pace...I was wrong!! We got 1/2 a mile before everyone fell apart! So until it warms up outside, I'm just going to sit in my toasty little house.