Thursday, January 01, 2009

First Day of 2009

I thought I would document our first day in 2009. I actually went to bed before 10pm - that's how excited I was about the new year.

This is how Ben started his new year - literally. He was up until 12:30AM taking about his VW carburetor, cleaning it, then putting it together again with new parts. I think this is a good indicator of 2009 for Ben: working on the VW. But he Loves, Loves, Loves it. So that is Ben's hobby-of-the-year: VWing.

Apparently Emmy started 2009 with wild and crazy hair. (See my post this coming Sunday.)

And the boys went "camping" in our room. Miles is on our right, Jonas on our left under the blanket. And don't forget to notice Miles' dinosaur that joined them on their camping adventures. And the cheerio box? I don't know why he was invited and I was not.

Me - I started the new year with a nice, cool 6-mile run. It felt great.

The rest of the day was great, too. We went over to some friend's home and had some wonderful, wonderful crepes - sweet and savory. Wow, good. Good times were had with our family and friends today. And I guess that's what the years of our lives should be filled with - good family and good friends. I don't think it gets better than that.


erinmalia said...

good family and good friends, but also good food, like crepes. me want.

Megan said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! Happy New Year!

Nicole said...

Love the new hobby-vwing! Emmy's hair looks like Molly's of late :)