Sunday, January 04, 2009

Quote of the Week

"Emmy, you look like a macaroni penguin."


Background info:

So I don't know quite yet if Miles is brilliant or not, but this I do know: his memory is Outstanding. So 2-3 months ago we read about penguins from library books and they mentioned the different kinds of penguins - not all penguins are Emperor penguins, ya know? And, of course, one variety of penguins is called the Macaroni penguins. That was the last I had mentioned or talked of them.

Then. . . we got a DVD movie from Grandma Phyllis and it had 3 penguins on the front cover. Miles pointed to one of them and told me, "That's a macaroni penguin." Frankly I did not know what he was talking about. I just thought he had made up some funny name for the penguin. Low and behold I came in at one time during the movie and a little penguin introduced himself as "a macaroni penguin." What? I had not remembered that at all. But of course Miles had.

And what makes a macaroni penguin stand out to a 4-year old? Well of course the name AND the hair. Gotta love it!


erinmalia said...

the boy's a genius. i'll say it.

megan said...

Funny. And smart.

jana jacob said...

I cannot stop laughing! That is too cute!!!

i {heart} hawkes said...

face it, miles is brilliant! what a cute post, the pics are perfect.

Nicole said...

I love that! Very, very smart. And loving the hair, he was so spot on.