Wednesday, February 25, 2009


We are still trying to do our parent 'n kid date-activities. It had fallen by the wayside for a few months, but hopefully we can make it more regular. Ben got to take Miles out this month, and I got Jonas.

Ben and Miles went to an antique store (to buy some stuff for our new home), home depot - where they also got lunch, then to city market for sardines - as requested and pleaded by Miles. That boy is weird. Miles is easy to please and loved everything. Ben loved it all, too, of course.

In the truck and ready to go - and ummm happy, too.

Yummy lunch at Home Depot.

Being a star at the antique place.

Yeah, sardines! (In a mustard-sauce, I think?)

All gone.

Jonas and I went bowling. It was the first time we've ever taken our kids and so that was fun. Jonas really enjoyed it and it was so fun just watching him watch his ball.

Jonas was so excited he hardly sat still.

Wow, the ball is even in the middle. Impressive.

And Jonas just had to have a hot-dog. (I think because he knew his big-brother had one on his date.) He ate the whole thing. Oink, oink.

It's really nice to spend one-on-one time with our kids. Miles is calmly sweet. Jonas is rather talkative, without a whine in his voice.

It's a nice change.

Monday, February 23, 2009

2008 Blog Book

Once again, with the new year, it was time for me to get my blog book together. Blurb.com is what I've used the past couple of years, so that is what I did again. However, when I started, blurb was unable to "slurp" blogs from Blogger. So I had to copy and paste each and every single post of 2008. Yuck. But I knew it'd be worth it. And you know what? The day after I finished copying and pasting, blurb was set up again to slurp from Blogger. Argh. But whatever.
Well I just got it today - perhaps the only good thing about today thus far - and I love it. My cover picture/title is printed right on the hardcover - as opposed to a "flap" thing. I hate flap things. So I love that. And, of course, I love that it is in my print, Kiana. My sister found this site and it is brilliant. And since my blog book is my journal, I thought it would be perfect to have it in my print. And it is.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Where's Your. . .?

one more picture just because it's

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What is your walk-score?

So I saw this article (a little blurb, really) in the Denver Post on your neighborhood's walk-score. You can go HERE and take the simple test (not a test, really, you just put in your address) and voila, your score.
We scored 89%. It's based on how close you are, in walking distance, to parks, schools, libraries, etc.

It's funny because both Ben and I would love a country-home with a couple acres of property. But we can't afford that. So, we chose the exact opposite - downtown living. :) But we love it. Mind you, our town is small (less than 20,000 population) and so our downtown living is a smallish version of a "real" downtown experience.

But we love it. We love walking to the park, walking to the elementary school, walking to the library, walking to the farmers' market, walking to main street, walking to the town's parades, etc. The other day we all walked to the copy place so I could get our chore-charts laminated. Acutally, we didn't walk. Well I did - I walked the stroller with Emmy in it, Miles rode the scooter, and Jonas pedaled his trike. It was delightful.

That's why I love that we are only moving 2 houses down. I love this area. It's not necessarily a "nice" neighborhood, but overall it is perfect for us at this point in our lives.

I love the feeling of walking somewhere instead of driving the car. The kids love it, too. Not that I always walk when I can/should. But at least I have the option.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tender Mercies

I remember that President Erying talked about recording our spiritual moments/experiences that occur in our daily lives. I have not done that.

But I thought I would write about a couple things that have happened lately in our lives to remind me that the Lord is indeed aware of my little family and watches over us.

So. . . late last year Ben got the idea of changing employers. It was a hard choice as he liked where he was, liked his co-workers, and liked his schedule (no nites, on-calls, weekends, or holidays - a HUGE bonus for a RN). But he felt like he needed to broaden his horizons and get more experience (he was working at a surgical center).

So. . . he got a new job at a hospital about 25 miles north of us. There is a hospital here in town (yes ONE), but does not have the good reputation for employees as does the one he works at now (which is where I PRN work as well).

His job is going well. He makes more money per hour. Our insurance is 300 dollars less a month - with way better coverage. He has to do on-call which is unfortunate - but does make lots 'o money from it. So all those are blessings enough for the change of employment.

But. . . then we found out that his old employer, the surgical center, is losing one of its surgeons. Not just any surgeon, but a doc that brought in a large bulk of surgeries. The loss is huge. So huge in fact that the surgery center has supposedly decided to only be open from Tuesdays-Fridays. The loss of 4-5 Mondays of pay each month would have devastated us. We would not have made it there in that situation. So how blessed we were to "randomly" decide to have Ben change jobs. A tender mercy indeed.

Then. . . we have had our house up for sale for a few months. We had showings with very positive comments, but no offers. Dang market, right? Well, Ben went over to a couple's home that were in our ward to ask them about doing some major renovations to our current home since it wasn't selling. The man told Ben, at the end of the conversation, that we could just swamp homes instead - they buy our house and we buy theirs (they are living in a beautiful log-home/office where the work, too and were renting out their other home). We love the home, that it's old with lots of character (it's built in 1905; our current home is 1-year older), that's it's in the downtown neighborhood - blocks from a great park, the elementary school, farmer's markets, main street parades, etc. Again, we felt so lucky and blessed to get their home. Another beautiful tender mercy bestowed by Him.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Emmy Lou Who

Jonas still wins for lookin' most like Cindy Lou Who. But Emmy's gotta win for lookin' like Emmy Lou Who.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Small and simple

Kids love the small and simple things of life.

We went to the shoe-store the other day and Jonas and Miles saw a pack of "things" (little things of course) by the register. "What is this?" implores my ever-imploring Miles.

Turned out the "things" were little shoe-accessories. These werent' specifically made for crocs, but they would work. And since they were $1.99, as opposed to $9.99, I thought, sure.

Each kid got to choose the 2 he/she wanted (okay, I choose emmy's for her).

Miles and Jonas and Emmy were so proud of their "new" shoes. In fact, Miles and Jonas were so excited that they begged me to let them go over to our neighbor's home and show the little girl Maddie their new shoes.

I let them go. By themselves. But I'm not sure Maddie was as excited about them as the boys were.

But it was a good reminder that, "Out of small things (croc accessories) proceeds that which is great (a child's pure and innocent happiness)."

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Quote of the Week

"No Emmy, it's not cheek-stick."


background info: We (the kids and I) had to go pick up Ben as his lovely VW broke down 10 miles out of town. (Bummer.) I gave each kid a dum-dum lollipop (we got the other day from the bank. i never go to a bank since we bank with usaa and they have no local branches. so i am pretty sure this is the first bank-lollipop my kids had ever had. anyways. . .) Well all the kids are going to town sucking on their pops as I look back every 10 seconds to make sure Emmy is not choking on hers. No she wasn't choking, just rubbing it all over her face. Thus Miles' quote.

Friday, February 06, 2009


My kids salivate (and run) when I say "breakfast."

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Quote of the Week

Every morning one of the boys gets the chance to open Emmy's door when she awakens. It's a coveted task by Miles and Jonas. Today Miles got to open the door, but Jonas ran in and said,

"Good morning my sweetie sister."

What a good way to start the day - for everyone.