Sunday, February 08, 2009

Quote of the Week

"No Emmy, it's not cheek-stick."


background info: We (the kids and I) had to go pick up Ben as his lovely VW broke down 10 miles out of town. (Bummer.) I gave each kid a dum-dum lollipop (we got the other day from the bank. i never go to a bank since we bank with usaa and they have no local branches. so i am pretty sure this is the first bank-lollipop my kids had ever had. anyways. . .) Well all the kids are going to town sucking on their pops as I look back every 10 seconds to make sure Emmy is not choking on hers. No she wasn't choking, just rubbing it all over her face. Thus Miles' quote.


erinmalia said...

although, you'll probably start calling it that now, right?

i {heart} hawkes said...

that is very funny, my belly is jiggling right now. i love the things your kids say.