Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Small and simple

Kids love the small and simple things of life.

We went to the shoe-store the other day and Jonas and Miles saw a pack of "things" (little things of course) by the register. "What is this?" implores my ever-imploring Miles.

Turned out the "things" were little shoe-accessories. These werent' specifically made for crocs, but they would work. And since they were $1.99, as opposed to $9.99, I thought, sure.

Each kid got to choose the 2 he/she wanted (okay, I choose emmy's for her).

Miles and Jonas and Emmy were so proud of their "new" shoes. In fact, Miles and Jonas were so excited that they begged me to let them go over to our neighbor's home and show the little girl Maddie their new shoes.

I let them go. By themselves. But I'm not sure Maddie was as excited about them as the boys were.

But it was a good reminder that, "Out of small things (croc accessories) proceeds that which is great (a child's pure and innocent happiness)."


erinmalia said...

i wish i lived next door so they would want to go show aunt-e their new shoe toys! i love that emmy is looking at the boy, because clearly, she isn't as excited.

ha: my word verification today is "amatent." as in, i "am a tent." or as big as one? that's sad.

rebecca said...

Did you turn that little sleeping bag into a jacket? Cuteness!

These pictures and little story are priceless. Your kids are adorable.