Sunday, February 15, 2009

Tender Mercies

I remember that President Erying talked about recording our spiritual moments/experiences that occur in our daily lives. I have not done that.

But I thought I would write about a couple things that have happened lately in our lives to remind me that the Lord is indeed aware of my little family and watches over us.

So. . . late last year Ben got the idea of changing employers. It was a hard choice as he liked where he was, liked his co-workers, and liked his schedule (no nites, on-calls, weekends, or holidays - a HUGE bonus for a RN). But he felt like he needed to broaden his horizons and get more experience (he was working at a surgical center).

So. . . he got a new job at a hospital about 25 miles north of us. There is a hospital here in town (yes ONE), but does not have the good reputation for employees as does the one he works at now (which is where I PRN work as well).

His job is going well. He makes more money per hour. Our insurance is 300 dollars less a month - with way better coverage. He has to do on-call which is unfortunate - but does make lots 'o money from it. So all those are blessings enough for the change of employment.

But. . . then we found out that his old employer, the surgical center, is losing one of its surgeons. Not just any surgeon, but a doc that brought in a large bulk of surgeries. The loss is huge. So huge in fact that the surgery center has supposedly decided to only be open from Tuesdays-Fridays. The loss of 4-5 Mondays of pay each month would have devastated us. We would not have made it there in that situation. So how blessed we were to "randomly" decide to have Ben change jobs. A tender mercy indeed.

Then. . . we have had our house up for sale for a few months. We had showings with very positive comments, but no offers. Dang market, right? Well, Ben went over to a couple's home that were in our ward to ask them about doing some major renovations to our current home since it wasn't selling. The man told Ben, at the end of the conversation, that we could just swamp homes instead - they buy our house and we buy theirs (they are living in a beautiful log-home/office where the work, too and were renting out their other home). We love the home, that it's old with lots of character (it's built in 1905; our current home is 1-year older), that's it's in the downtown neighborhood - blocks from a great park, the elementary school, farmer's markets, main street parades, etc. Again, we felt so lucky and blessed to get their home. Another beautiful tender mercy bestowed by Him.


Megan said...

I am so glad that Ben's job is going well...it is indeed a tender mercy. And I can't wait to see pics of the new house and hear all about it!

erinmalia said...

that's crazy about ben's old job. but great for you guys.

Jenson Family said...

I loved that talk too! It's all so true. Isn't it funny how things "work out" in life? Awesome about the hubby's job. And I didn't know you were working a little still! Awesome! I'd love to see pics of the house too!

rebecca said...

Wow! Tender mercies for sure. So the new house you're going to buy is the one this couple was renting out? So now they'll rent out your current house? That's beyond a tender mercy. Seriously, it's an amazing miracle. I mean, who just offers to switch houses? What a huge blessing. And Ben's job too. You guys are living right. :) I'm really happy for your little family.

Niederfam said...

I LOVE it, that is CraZy, isn't it amazing how readily you can see HIS hand if you just LOOK!!!!! AWESOME, couldn't happen to a better family!!!! YAY!!!!!