Tuesday, February 17, 2009

What is your walk-score?

So I saw this article (a little blurb, really) in the Denver Post on your neighborhood's walk-score. You can go HERE and take the simple test (not a test, really, you just put in your address) and voila, your score.
We scored 89%. It's based on how close you are, in walking distance, to parks, schools, libraries, etc.

It's funny because both Ben and I would love a country-home with a couple acres of property. But we can't afford that. So, we chose the exact opposite - downtown living. :) But we love it. Mind you, our town is small (less than 20,000 population) and so our downtown living is a smallish version of a "real" downtown experience.

But we love it. We love walking to the park, walking to the elementary school, walking to the library, walking to the farmers' market, walking to main street, walking to the town's parades, etc. The other day we all walked to the copy place so I could get our chore-charts laminated. Acutally, we didn't walk. Well I did - I walked the stroller with Emmy in it, Miles rode the scooter, and Jonas pedaled his trike. It was delightful.

That's why I love that we are only moving 2 houses down. I love this area. It's not necessarily a "nice" neighborhood, but overall it is perfect for us at this point in our lives.

I love the feeling of walking somewhere instead of driving the car. The kids love it, too. Not that I always walk when I can/should. But at least I have the option.


erinmalia said...

i only got a 32! but i'd like to see this done for a "run score." now that rhett is enjoying the jogging stroller, we run to the grocery store, post office, craft store, and library. not bad. although i'd love to be able to run/walk to parades.

you totally made me laugh saying you love "city life." CITY?! ha.

La Ron said...

O.K. so I took the test and if I did it right we are only 12%. So sad. I have always wanted to live where I could walk everywhere. I love to walk but the only thing close enough to walk to here is the parks and school.

emily said...

well i did say i love downtown living - but only because our downtown is so small-town. :)

RNAi said...

We scored a 29 :(
It drives (literally) me crazy when I have to run to the grocery store or gas station around here, because everything takes 20 min to get to. I wish we lived in a more walkable area. Thanks for posting this link.