Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The BirthDay

Here's what happened yesterday, March 9th:

Miles got a couple of gifts to open in the morning. Here he is (funny face and all) in his cowboy pants and stick-horse, all handmade by aunt-e. Cute.

Ohhhhh, he's so excited! And he doesn't even quite know what it is. Ha.

Now he knows and is still excited.

Opening some presents:

Miles got a new bike as well. He was pretty excited about it, I think.

Unfortunately it was SO windy (no, Jonas' hair is not like that from his incredible speed. That wind was awful yesterday!) that we didn't stay out too long. And today we got about 3-4 inches of snow and so our biking adventures will have to wait a little bit.

That evening after dinner we had a few friends over for some cake and ice cream, and pinata. Miles was real excited to have people over. We had read a book the week before about Jesse Bear giving out "goodie bags" to his friends at his party. So Miles made sure I got some things so he could give them to his friends. Also, on Sunday morning Miles spent it drawing and coloring pictures for each of his friends' goodie bags - Jonas and Emmy included. It was sweet of him.

Birthdays are so magical when you're a kid.

Pretty cute.

Pretty messy.

The day ended with the 4 of us (minus a sleeping emmy) watching Wall-e. That was the first time we've let the boys stay up to 10pm - besides driving places, etc.! To top off the great day, Miles got some sardines after the show. What could be better than that?


emily said...

what?! you don't remember leaving a comment on your own blog?! well that's because you didn't. i hijacked it (but i won't admit who i am...bwa ha ha).

i tried to fix the vertical text and did so, but had to change the pictures to be centered instead of the left justified. good news is that i am still able to click on them and get the bigger pictures, at least in my browser. maybe when that's not possible, you're using smaller-sized versions of the pics?

anyway, hope you like it and aren't mad. i only had to guess three passwords. :)

La Ron said...

Happy Birthday Miles. He is so cute. I love his hair.

P said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, a little late, looks like QUITE the success!!!!!

erinmalia said...

whatever is that cake made of???

emily said...

the cake is a chocolate cake with crushed up chocolate animal crackers (suppose to be chocolate graham crackers but couldn't find those). then the dinosaur bones are cookies - i made the dough and "cut out" the shapes.

i {heart} hawkes said...

view masters rock! good to know they are still around. miles certainly looks happy in his pics. the other kids are super cute too. great cake, how do you ever find the time? you are good at cakes. i remember one of ben's that was all black frosting (i think) with little yellow stars and or moons on it. very creative.