Thursday, March 05, 2009

Home Sweet Home, Part 2

Home sweet home will be an on-going series - showing the different rooms in our new house as they become more "put together." If you care.

Here is the outside:

When I first saw the home I thought it was real interesting looking. And I still do. The second picture shows our long driveway leading to our little garage.

The next pictures are of the dining room:

Looking in from our living room/family room. The dining room has 2 doors that you can close shut.

Looking in from our kitchen.

Here is our kitchen:

Looking in from our dining room. The "green" you see back there is what will be the "daisy room." I had to give it a name because it was called the "coca cola" room - the previous owners had a bunch of coke-stuff and a real cool retro table - red- in there. We plan on making it our casual eating area, as well as craft area. We'll see how it comes together. Anyways. . . another shot of the kitchen.

Looking in from the "daisy room."

That's it for now!


erinmalia said...

the outside of the house almost looks like a big boat. yes?

but i love what i've seen so far. the one window in the dining room, are there flowers on it?

emily said...

boat, perhaps. :)

no, not flowers. but that would be cool! just a cool library craft the kids made. (fish and "seaweed")

Emily said...

I had no idea you were even moving!! That is so great, and it looks like such a great house!! Congrats, can't wait to see what else you do with it!

Niederfam said...

Looking good, keep posting, I love it!!!!

Brad and Lezlee Strong said...

Em! I love love love it! You have done an amazing job! It is beautiful and I have always loved that house. LOVE IT!

rebecca said...

Wow, Emily. It looks beautiful. Yes, interesting on the outside. I've never seen a house quite that shape. I love your dining room. It's lovely. Keep the pictures coming.

Meg said...

The house is really cute. I love the older details, yet updated features. I'm sure you are swimming in room. One question. Where is the front door?

Nicole said...

The house is really cool looking! And the rooms look great. How fun. One day I'll live in my own house maybe :)

Sara said...

Your house is so great! I just love the character older houses have, and I love how you've decorated, keep up the posts, I need ideas for my boring tract stucco Las Vegas house! (I guess I should be grateful it doesn't have speckled gold handles like they all did back in the day)