Friday, March 13, 2009

Home Sweet Home, Part 3

This isn't going to be a terribly exciting post about my home, but oh well. This post is highlighting the random, fun things about the home. Not all of them. Specifically just our closets and vents. Closets and vents? Oh yes.

Our closet space here is tremendous. And interesting. I took pictures of them all - but it is so hard to actually see what they are. But oh well. Here we go:

Emmy's closet.

The boys' closet.

The master's room closet - Ben's half is on the other side. Then you go through my clothes and get this:The picture doesn't do it justice. But there are about 4 of these "steps" for more storage. (Isn't this a pretty post?)

A closet at the top of our stairs.

Then we have a real-live Harry Potter Closet. It goes under the stairs. It was so hard to get a good picture of the closet, but here it is:

The door to the HPC.

You walk in and have some space, then go through the white door-jam to our coats and hats. Turn the corner and voila:More storage. Then turn right again and enter the space under the stairs:This is actually quite a large space and goes back a few more feet behind our coats.

(sorry, what a lame and boring post. i'm not even done. . .)

Now for the vents. Lucky for you I didn't take a picture of every vent in our home. But the vents are significant. For one thing, they are actually on the floor. The last 2 (cold) homes we have lived in have had the vents on the ceilings - hello, heat rises. Not so efficient. But on the floor is so nice and warm. And F.U.N.

The boys and Emmy love standing over them when they are blowing and getting warm and having their hair blow all over. And it is so fun to make things fly. Like birthday balloons and crepe paper:Who needs TV when you got this sort of entertainment?

Here it comes! (It referring to the flying red crepe paper of course.)

The end of a going-no-where post.


erinmalia said...

it all looks great. i bet you guys are super excited to have that much storage now. have you ever had this much?

i think you need to optimize the boys' closet better. it needs shelving. saturday project, ben?!? or james? ha.

emily said...

yes, tons of storage - never this much. and we still have our unfinished part of the basement that isn't used yet. i like it b/c the closets still have room to play in, too.

as for the boys' closet, i am going to lower the rod so the kids can get their own clothes out. there are a bunch of shelves on top. it's never-ending storage here.

Brooke said...

See, this stuff is not boring to me at all!! I always love your posts, Emily. :) What a COOL house. Your kids will make such fun memories with all those nooks and crannies!!!! I want to play with crepe paper and vents now.

PS: I was wondering who this "Ben" character was commenting on my blog. :) Just kidding, my brother's name is Ben and at first I thought it was him!!!

rebecca said...

I want to come play! I love your floor vents!

Nicole said...

Wow, awesome! Glad that you have so much storage space!