Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's in His Genes

Miles estactically came running to me on my birthday morning,

"Mom, mom, come see where my underwear is!"

Hmmm, sounded quite questionable and concerning - seeing as he was running around naked (as well as Jonas). But when I looked at the pointed spot, I was no longer concerned. For this is what I saw:

And, knowing he has my G-side of the family genes in him, I thought,

"Genetics at play here."

You see, when I was a youngin', we would (we including my sister and wonderful cousins Melissa, Kristen, and Steven) throw our underwear (not the ones we were wearing that day, however) on our walls in our big entry-way. The walls were textured and so things could get stuck on them. Things like underwear of course. It was a pretty fun game back then. I miss it. So that is why I am glad to see Miles carrying on the tradition - all on his own.

Apparently his underwear was not in his jeans, though.


rebecca said...

In his genes, but not his jeans. He he!

Cute story without the crazy similarity to your childhood, but even better because of it.

I love kids!

erinmalia said...

does this mean that rhett will do it too! i hope so!

i also hope that melissa and kristin read this so they know they've been outed. heehee.

Nicole said...

ha ha ha! Funny! Didn't know about this story, but glad I wasn't blackmailed either! Ha! Happy bday!!

Niederfam said...

I love it!!!! I can't wait to wake up to my boys underwear hanging from the walls and ceiling too!!! ;)

And apparently it is genetic!!!!

i {heart} hawkes said...

SO great!

Melissa said...

Such a fun memory! It doesn't bother me to be outed -- after all, it wasn't our underwear we were tossing.

Wait. That makes it weirder and worse, doesn't it?! :)

I'm at a loss for words to describe how awesome Miles is for bringing back the underwear-tossing family tradition! Keep it up, Miles!